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Complete Guideline On How To Choose A Face Wash

by Fashionlady
Facial Cleansers

We clearly have a general understanding of why we should how to use face wash. We never really delved deep down on how it all came about. Soap cleanser are said to have originated from Babylon as early as 2800 B.C. And from there, it has been quite a transitory change. This video takes you through the journey of facial cleansers and how you can make use of it fully.

History About Facial Cleansers

In early ages of 2800 BC, soap making began by boiling fats with ashes. It was transformed to contain animal and vegetable oils with alkaline salts by 1500 BC in Egypt. This cleanser was very useful in treating skin diseases. However, towards 7th century in Europe, facial cleansers became a well-established and well-crafted commodity. Moving on, in 1916, German scientists discovered syndets that formed the base for most of today’s facial cleansers.


Cleansing Routine

As we all know using cleansers is the first step of face cleansing routine. It is evident that our skin gets constantly exposed to environmental pollution, dirt, germs, hormones, cosmetics and lifestyle. Cleanser helps remove dirt, bacteria, germs and impurities. Cleansers can help penetrate deeper into the skin and help remove excess oil, dead skin and clogged pores. It basically helps balance the skin. Cleansing properly will allow the skin to better absorb the next skin care product that you use better. It will help protect the skin from getting infected and congested.

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Textures Of Cleansing Products

The normal texture of cleansing products comprises of gel, lotion, cream and oil. Gel or lotion based cleansers sit light on the skin. It is suitable for oily skin. Cleansers which lather up can help remove excess oil from the skin. Cream or oil based cleansers are a bit heavy on the skin. It is most suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

Cleansers come in several packages such as tube, pot, pump and bottle. Here are tips on how to choose a face wash. Select the type of cleanser you want. If you prefer gel or lotion based products, then you will notice that the packaging is done either in the form of a tube or a bottle. Whereas, cream or oil based products come in the form of pot or pump. No matter what form they appear in the whole purpose of facial cleansers is to remove skin impurities.

Tips About Cleansers

There are several types of cleansers available that serve varied purposes and benefits. It is important to note that there are cleansers that can be used for makeup removal, some for the purpose of cleaning the face and few for exfoliating purpose. Though we can use a single type cleanser for all the purposes, it is advisable to use separate products i.e., use a makeup removal product for removing makeup; a cleanser that helps cleanse face; and lastly, exfoliating product to exfoliate the face. It can help improve skin texture in the best way possible.

There are different cleansing tools available such as sponge, cleansing brush, foreo luna, clarisonic mia etc. Suppose you do not own any of these products, then your fingers alone can help with cleansing. Make sure your hands are clean for best hygiene purpose.

Most cleansers might have strong ingredients. For example, if you are using a cleanser that is quite strong, then avoid using it near the eye area. The skin around the eye area is sensitive and it could react to the cleanser. Hence it is apt to use specific eye and lip makeup removers for cleansing around eyes. Do not make the mistake of rubbing the eyes with any cleansing product.

How To Cleanse Face

Every cleansing product has its own way of serving the purpose. Some of the ingredients of the cleanser might get activated when it comes in contact with the skin and water, or with heat on the skin. Hence it is best to read the instructions and use it accordingly.

Follow these steps on how to apply facial cleanser. Massage the cleanser into the skin for more than two minutes. When you are cleansing your face, make sure to go behind the ears, near the hairline, underneath the chin, jaws and around the nose. Make sure to wash off the cleanser properly. Let the water run through the face for a decent amount of time. After cleansing, make sure you use a toner to remove any leftover cleansing product. When showering, let the water run through your face for 30 seconds, and pat the water onto the skin. This is the best way to clean your face.

This is a complete guideline on cleansing face. You must not miss this one here. Write in to us and share your experiences. Enjoy the video!!

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