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Here are big list of diy videos of how to dress, how to cut tshirts, how to do bridal makeup, how to do hairstyle for short and long hair and more. Watch these videos and become a pro.

Easy Eye Makeup Coverage For Prominent Eyes

A Complete Guide On Prominent Eye Makeup

Every eye shape needs to be attended differently. For first timers, applying eye makeup could turn out to be a tricky situation. And it is important to note that there are different makeup tricks...
Tricks For Perfect Eyeliner

How To Apply Eyeliner : Tips And Tricks

Who isn’t regular with eye makeup? Everyone is. But the question is how many can actually master the technique of applying the perfect eye liner. Perhaps you always practice but nothing seems enough. Here...
Bohemian Braids

3 Bohemian Braids To Wear This Season

We are always left inspired with all these awesome hair tutorials and it never seems to end. Just when we think that a particular hairstyle emerges as the ultimate winner, there comes another one....
Facial Cleansers

Complete Guideline On How To Choose A Face Wash

We clearly have a general understanding of why we should how to use face wash. We never really delved deep down on how it all came about. Soap cleanser are said to have originated...
Use a Concealer

Different Ways On How To Use Concealer

There are several reasons to use a concealer. One of the most common use of concealer is to hide blemishes and marks on the body. But here is a shocking revealer. Concealers can be...
How To Wear Makeup With Black Lipstick

How To Wear Makeup With Black Lipstick

On quite a few occasions you would want to try out the black lips look. If you agree to this, then you will be very happy to see this tutorial that we have here....
Way To Remove Makeup

The Best Way To Remove Makeup

  You might be following your own version of removing makeup. But are you sure your regime of makeup removal is correct? Well, if you want an answer, then you will have to watch this video...
Lipstick Hacks

Tips On How To Apply Lipstick

This video has amazing tricks that show what you can do with the lipsticks. The next time you apply lipstick, you can use one of these different hacks. Even when your lipstick is running...
Ways To Remove Makeup Stains

How To Remove Makeup Stains Using Homemade Solutions

This might have happened to all of us a couple of times and perhaps this closely reminisces how annoying it gets to find makeup stains on clothes. It completely throws off our whole effort...
How To Make Twin Buns

How To Make Twin Buns To Blast Through Summer

Twin or double buns are cute hairstyles to wear during summers. The video here is a take on messy double hair buns. This hairstyle can hit it off with any of your summer ensembles....

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