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How To Apply Eyeliner : Tips And Tricks

by Fashionlady
Tricks For Perfect Eyeliner

Who isn’t regular with eye makeup? Everyone is. But the question is how many can actually master the technique of applying the perfect eye liner. Perhaps you always practice but nothing seems enough. Here is an easy way out. Learn to keep some tricks up your sleeve. This video will empower you with all the right techniques to apply the eyeliner in the easiest of ways.

There are tons of tips and tricks to make your eye makeup come out correct and on point. For the perfect winged liquid liner, use a tape on the corner of the eye or use a light eye shadow to draw out a deep line.


Let’s find out in detail the tips and tricks required to know how to apply eyeliner.

  1. The first tip on how to apply eyeliner by yourself would be to always do your eye makeup first so that you don’t ruin your face makeup if anything goes wrong.
  2. If you have short eyebrows, then it would be best to do your brow makeup before you figure out on how to put on eyeliner. Do this would help you in determining the ideal angle for your eyeliner.
  3. The next eyeliner tip which is one of the most important tip is to make sure that you don’t have shaky hands. This is one of the most common reasons for your eyeliner to mess up and leave you unsatisfied.
  4. This eyeliner tutorial emphasizes on the fact that it doesn’t matte which eyeliner tool you use as long as you are comfortable with it. So whether you use a pencil, gel or liquid, you need to have enough practice using it. Using the right brushes can also make or break your eyeliner.
  5. Those of you who are planning on using an eye shadow can use some translucent powder so that your eyeliner sets in completely.
  6. Start applying the eyeliner from the inner corner and if possible try to keep your eyes open while doing it so that you will have a clearer idea. Use small and short strokes and instead applying one big stroke, create a guide for yourself by applying dotted lines which you can connect later.
  7.  Now here is a cool tip those of you who are looking for an easier way to apply your winged eyeliner. Just use a tape as it will allow you to get messy but will leave you with a short and perfect wing line.
  8. Another eyeliner tip that you could follow is to be super messy with your eye shadow and then gently wipe it away to create the angle that you want for your wing line.
  9. The next tip shown in this eyeliner tutorial is to first apply the base of the wing line using short strokes. Remember to create shorter lines so that you can build up on it instead of creating long lines and then trying to fix it if it goes messy.
  10. One you have the base line, draw the upper line and connect it to your eyeliner and fill it in with short strokes.
  11. This eyeliner tip is going to help you cover up any mistakes. If you notice that your wing line has become thicker than you wanted it to be, just use a black eye shadow on your outer crease so that it blends in. This would also give you an effective smokey eye look.
  12. Once you are satisfied with your eyeliner, you can use a concealer to sharpen the lines and also cover up any mistakes.

There are more interesting tips shown in the video. Hope it really helps you.

Enjoy watching.

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