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Tips On How To Apply Lipstick

by Fashionlady
Lipstick Hacks

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This video has amazing tricks that show what you can do with the lipsticks. The next time you apply lipstick, you can use one of these different hacks. Even when your lipstick is running out, the video shows you, how easily you can literally transform it into a lip stain. Here are the lists of lipstick tips and tricks that you can learn from this video.

How To Treat Dry Lips

To treat dry lips instantly, try this simple trick. All you need is a lip balm and a toothbrush. To begin with, apply the lip balm over your lips in good amount. Now take the toothbrush and glide it gently over your lips in circular motions for about 1-2 minutes. This routine will help you get rid of the dry skin cells. And the lip balm will help moisturize the skin. Lastly wipe off the balm from your lips to get smooth lips in minutes.

What To Do When You Are Left With Very Little Lipstick

This trick can be applied when you are left with very little of your favorite lipstick. For this trick, you will need few items like contact lens container, spatula, spoon, lip brush, candle and lipstick. First, scoop out the left-over lipstick and transfer it to a spoon. Now place the spoon over the candle flame and let it melt. Transfer the melted mixture into the empty container. Keep the container in the freezer for few hours to set. Now with the help of your lip brush, paint your lips as when you want to.

What To Do When Your Nude Lipstick Does Not Look Right On Your Lips

Nudes are the current trend right now. Be it shoes, makeup or lip color, don’t you agree? With lipsticks, you might have experienced this problem when you use nude lip color. When applied, the nude color usually does not look right. This might be because your natural lip color is dominating the colour over it. One good hack on how to apply nude lipstick is to brush concealer, foundation or loose powder over your lips. This trick will help conceal the natural color effectively. Now, apply the nude lipstick on the top and you can be assured that the nude color keeps true to its natural color.
Another trick to prevent your nude lips from getting dry and chapped is to apply lip gloss over it. You can notice the difference especially when you pick a nude shade very close to your natural skin tone. Applying a gloss layer will surely add the spark and shine to your lips.

How To Line Your Lips

Lip liners are the most beautiful way of defining the lip, aren’t they? Apply it like a pro with the help of this trick. To get the desired look, you need to have a sharp lip pencil. Now, stretch your lips by smiling slightly. Draw an X sign over the top of your lips near the lip cupid. Draw two lines straight down from the X sign. This will help mark the bottom lips. Now, draw a line connecting the two dots along the bottom of the lip.

Then apply two more dots in the middle of the area that remains on either side of the X sign. This will help connect the dots easily and effectively. This trick is opted as drawing multiple lines by joining dots is way easier than drawing straight long lines. This is a great trick for those who don’t have steady hands. Now work with your favorite lipstick and see how perfectly it turns out.

How To Clean Up Any Bleeding Lipstick

Even a beauty pro might end up getting lipstick smudged around the lips. Learn this trick to clean up bleeding lipstick. Start by taking a flat brush with small amount of concealer. Apply this under the smudged spot and smoothly blend it in with your finger or a brush. This trick will also help define your lips and give your lips a sharp and neat look. This is a great tip on how to even out the lipstick application.

How To Make Lipstick Last Longer

To keep up the lip color for an all-night party or a day full of meetings can be quite a task. But here for our delight is a trick to make the lipstick last longer. To achieve this, you will need a translucent loose powder and a tissue paper. Take a thin layer of the tissue paper and place it over your lips. Now with a big fluffy brush dipped in some loose powder, swipe it over your lips. Make sure to breathe out when you try this trick to prevent breathing in the translucent powder. This will help set your color for a desirable time.

How To Do A gradient Lip

To get a gradient lip, it would be appropriate to use a lip liner lighter than your lipstick shade. Apply the lip liner right in the center of your lips and press your lips together to evenly spread out the color. This will give you the perfect gradient lip that you desire.

How To Get Darker Lips On The Outside

If you wish to darken your lips towards the edges and outer line, follow this easy-to-do trick. Use a dark color eye shadow and with the help of a small brush, apply the color along lip edges. This makes the lipstick stay longer and helps achieve a dark gradient look.

Hope you find this amazing lipstick video tutorial helpful. Follow the video to learn more.

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