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A Complete Guide On Prominent Eye Makeup

by Fashionlady
Easy Eye Makeup Coverage For Prominent Eyes

Every eye shape needs to be attended differently. For first timers, applying eye makeup could turn out to be a tricky situation. And it is important to note that there are different makeup tricks for each eye shape. Few eye shapes include hooded eyelids, deep set eyes, protruding eyes, mono lids, etc. Following the right order of eye makeup will create the deepest effect. For example, if one has protruding eyes, then choosing darker shades will make the eyes look subtler. But before plunging into the video on prominent eye makeup, here are few tips and tricks for beginners on how to choose eye makeup which includes primer, brushes, eye shadows, application methods and many more.

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Beginner’s Guide to Eye Makeup

The first step of eye makeup begins by applying primer to the eyes. A foundation or concealer would give the same desirable effect. This trick allows eye makeup to last longer and prevents the oil from creasing the eye shadow.

There are several eye shadows to choose from and it indeed becomes confusing. Firstly, choose a highlighter that should be at least one shade lighter than your skin tone. You can also make use of facial highlighter to bring your look together. Next, choose a mid-tone which will help to blend off your eye makeup subtly.

If you are interested in contouring, then pick a shade that is at least 2-3 times darker than your skin tone. A black eye shadow is also an essential color that can be used in the prominent eye makeup .

Brush Selection

Few basic eye makeup brushes include flat brush, smudge brush, blending brush, and many more. Pick a flat brush for applying eye shadow and pigments. The best way to use this brush is to glide it over the eye along the shadow line. A small smudge brush is used for detailed eye makeup work. For using blending brush the best way, dip the tip of the brush gently into the eye shadow.


Eye Shimmer Trick

If you love to add a bit of shimmer to your eyes, then opt for this easy trick. Dampen the tip of the brush but do not soak it. Brush off any excess shimmer at the back of your hands or on a tissue. Pick up your eye shadow and apply as normal. Focus on applying the eye shadow at the inner corner of the eyes. You will find that it really adds shine and shimmer to the eyes. Next, take the flat brush and lightly stroke over the arch of your brow. Gently tab using your fingers to remove any excess. Your shimmery eye makeup look is ready.

Mascara Application

No eye makeup finishes off without use of mascara. When using mascara, make sure not to pump the air inside the tube. Apply mascara right at the roots and wiggle out towards the tip. To avoid mascara stains over your skin, use mascara shield for coverage.

Prominent Eye Makeup

The easiest way to best highlight prominent eyes is to go for a day time smoky eye. Apply a medium tone all over the lid. Instead of applying it only on the crease, apply it all over your lids. This helps in flattening and highlighting the eye area. Prominent eyes can get away with wearing darker shades too.

Use a blending brush to lightly blend the eye shadow over the crease effectively. This will help to create a seamless look from the lid and all the way to the crease. This trick will also help to create a flatter surface. Repeat the same process underneath the eyes.

Prominent eyes typically have a fuller lower lid as well. Therefore, this eye makeup for prominent eyes helps to give the eye area the subtlety it needs.

Large Prominent Eye Makeup

If you have large prominent eyes, then you can apply a black eye liner. Apply the liner lightly in the inner rim of the eye and much darker line along the upper line of the eye. This will help to heighten the eye area and complement the eye shade. Finish off with mascara and false lashes. Applying false lashes really complements prominent eyes. This is because of the contrast between roundness and fullness of the eyes and the length of the lashes.

Hope you enjoyed reading through prominent eyes makeup tips. This is a complete guide for beginners. For more details, watch the video.

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