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How To Create A Simple Striped Nail Art At Home

by Fashionlady
Striped Nail Art At

This simple striped nail art is simple to recreate, which includes the use of acrylic paints. It has been quite a while we did not post anything on nail art. So, let us kick off with this quick and easy one here. If you do not want to use acrylic paints, you can use regular nail paints too. The nail paints will work just as fine. Read on to learn the fun steps.

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Step 1

Use a base coat and paint a white polish over it.

Step 2

Use liquid latex around the nails for protection.


Step 3

Take a paint brush and three different acrylic colours to swipe the colours over your nails.

Step 4

Remove the latex and clean the excess off the sides.

Watch the video to learn the detailed steps better. Enjoy watching.

Striped Nail Art Desingns To Try

1. Ahoy mate! A blue and white striped nail art with an anchor shows off your love for the big blue sea.

Striped Nail Art

2. Glittery striped nail designs can be a great conversation starter at parties.

Striped nail designs

3. Use a black and gold striped nail polish to ooze out some elegance and sophistication.

Striped nail art designs

Easy striped nail designs

6. Nothing can beat the combination of stripes and bows if you are aiming for a cute striped nail design.

Cute striped nail designs

7. Black and white striped nail art is everyone’s favorite and you would go crazy with all the options available.

Black and white striped nail art

8. Perk up your feet with this cool multi-colored striped toe nail designs.

Striped toe nail designs

9. Add a fun element to your look by matching your striped outfit with your striped nail designs.

Striped toe nail designs for women

10. Create an illusion of striped nail art with this nude space design.

Striped toe nail designs for girl

So which of these striped nail art designs are you going to try out first? Share your striped nail art images with us!

Images Source: pinterest.com

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