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Touchup In A Cab: Easy Makeup Tips On The Go 

by Fashionlady
Easy Makeup Tips

Makeup While Traveling

Stepping into 2016, time has probably become one of the most quickly exhausting and costliest things in our lives. We want everything quick and fast, fast food, quicker payment methods, faster travel routes, quick meal recipes and so on.

Every morning one of the many problems we girls face is managing the time to look great for the day. Most of the girls just slap on whatever we get and however we can. So what’s the solution here? Read on.

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How To Do Makeup While Traveling

How do you get that perfect look without having to invest some extra valuable time? The solution here is to learn the art of makeup while traveling. In this article, we have compiled a list of top 4 easy makeup tips & Hacks for Makeup on the Go:

Simple Makeup Hacks

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1. Keep Wet Wipes Handy

The first trick to get your makeup done perfectly on the go is getting your face cleaned so you have a fresh look. Start by dismissing the very cause of lifelessness on your face, oil and dirt. The high levels of pollution today are making your face look lifeless and no makeup trick can make help you with that. Wet wipes come to your rescue here.

Simple Makeup Do

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Today, wide ranges of moisturizing wipes are available in the market containing cooling agents like Aloe vera, Cucumber, etc. With these in your purse, you can do away with the oil and dirt easily. You could either start a fresh makeup regime or Tap the wipes gently over your morning makeup to get the freshness back. Just make sure to not drag these on your face. With this simple makeup hack, you don’t need to look for a washroom every time you need to bring back that fresh feeling.

How To Do Makeup While Traveling

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2. One Crème Solution

When you are on the go, you do not have the privilege of carrying all your beauty products. Most of us would rather have one cream tube in our bags over a separate foundation, concealer, SPF and primer. If you have the time in the morning, great. You can take the 5 step route but if you don’t, you could take the BB cream route.

Simple Makeup Tips When Travelling

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The BB cream spreads evenly, quickly and smoothly to conceal puffed under-eye, pimples and acne and black spots. What’s more? It also handles the duties of a regular sunscreen.
Just choose one that matches your skin tone and keep it handy. For touch-ups, simply dab the cream with your finger tips & blend well into your skin, and you’re good to go.

Best Makeup Cream for Traveling

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3. Gel On The Rescue

We know how troublesome Makeup while travelling can get, especially when we you consider applying your Kohl or Kajal. So, we suggest you to choose the new variety gel based kajals. These are easily available in the market today and you get of brands to choose from too. These Gel based products don’t smudge and can be wiped off easily until they dry off (in case you make a mistake). The color stays strong and is long lasting.


Travel Beauty Tips

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Now, you can add a little kajal on the go to brighten up your eyes without having smugly dark eyes. For some edge, you could carry a few earbuds to smooth out the edges while applying your kajal/ kohl.

For perfect lip touch ups when you are on the go and don’t have a mirror, you can just use your fingers instead. Using your fingers ensure that the lipstick doesn’t go beyond your lips since a physical feel estimate actually works better than a mental approximation.

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Easy Makeup Tips At Home

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Also, if you want your lipstick to last the day, you could apply a coat of your regular lipstick, then press it once with a soft tissue and powder lightly (over the tissue) using a puff or a brush. This sets the lip color and prevents it from running and feathering.

Now, that you have the list of easy makeup tips, you will never have to worry again.

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