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Top 10 Black and Grey Wrist Tattoos

by Fashionlady
Top 10 Black and Grey Wrist Tattoos

Black and Grey Wrist Tattoos
Let’s confess! Getting inked is a kind of addiction that’s hard to quit. Having said that, you must be looking for some ideas, provided you are serious about getting a body art. While quotations are always cool to flaunt on your body (only if they deliver a positive message), there is an array of fabulous designs out there that can give an edge to your style statement. Keep scrolling through the top 10 black and grey wrist tattoos and do let us know which one suits your taste the best!

1. The flying bird wrist tattoo

This is one of the cutest designs you will find trending on all prominent tattoo websites. I personally love this flying bird wrist tattoo. And not to mention the love birds sitting on the branch, which just make this black and grey wrist look all the more beautiful and full of life. This tattoo design depicts freedom and independence.

Flying bird wrist tattoo

Source: pinterest.com

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2. The compass wrist tattoo

If you have a penchant for sea voyages and pirates’ movies excite you, then this compass black and grey tattoo is definitely for you. But, since this is going to be a permanent body art on your body so think 10 times before picking a design. Make sure you choose the right tattoo artist who is skilled and knows his profession to the T.

compass wrist tattoo

Source: pinterest.com

3. Footsteps wrist tattoo

Call it as footsteps to success luck or happiness, these miniature footstep tattoos definitely look great on the wrist, urging the onlookers to ask their purpose. Wrist tattoo designs like these can depict an introduction of a family member in the family.

Footsteps wrist tattoo

Source: pinterest.com

4. Heart with names wrist tattoo

Here is another awesome black wrist tattoo design that you can think about as this is not any regular heart design. While one half of the heart features the outline, the other half is filled with names. Black color wrist tattoos are most easy to maintain. This wrist tattoo design here, is not conventional and is yet unique. You can add whatever you wish on the quote side and customize it to your liking.

Heart with names wrist tattoo

Source: pinterest.com

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5. Musical wrist tattoo

If you want to get both your wrists inked then this musical note with a quotation can be an ideal choice. To prove your love for music, if music is in some way or another your profession then getting musical notes tattoo shouldn’t be giving a second thought!


Musical wrist tattoo

Source: pinterest.com

6. Antique timepiece tattoo

If you are in love with vintage elements then this here is an intricate vintage tattoo design of an antique wrist watch tattoo for you flanked by some leaflet design as well. For tattoos on dark skin as well as tattoos on fair skin, black is the go-to tattoo color.

Antique timepiece tattoo

Source: pinterest.com

7. Floral wrist tattoo

Floral wrist tattoos are extremely feminine and if you are looking for anything sort of that in a simple design, then this can be your best shot.

Floral wrist tattoo

Source: pinterest.com

9. Floral mehndi tattoo

Here is another beautiful design of mehndi-inspired floral and leaflet motifs. The finesse says it all. If mehndi interests you then you can have one of its designs permanently inked on your wrist, which can also strategically match with your henna mehndi design whenever you put.

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Floral mehndi tattoo

Source: pinterest.com

10. Key wrist tattoo

Looking for a key to happiness? Wear it always on your wrist to never lose it. For the key, again you’ll get an array of designs to pick from.

Key wrist tattoo

Source: pinterest.com

So those were the top 10 black and grey wrist tattoos for your inspiration.

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Below are few black wrist tattoo designs that you can take inspiration from:

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