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Fly Along With These Cool Bird Tattoos

by Fashionlady
Small Bird Tattoos

Bird Tattoos

Flying without wings is the lingering phrase always on my mind which portrays my inner most thoughts. This thought always makes me jealous of the birds and their vibrant, energizing colors.

Caught in this thought, I implored the coolest bird tattoo designs to accentuate the love for such freedom and divinity. Great at representing grace, longevity, power, strength and many more positive notions, the bird tattoo designs are simple, colorful, stunning and eye catchy.

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Let’s gets stated with small bird tattoos

These tattoos are a fresh way of saying that nothing in this world is eternal and don’t brood over anything for long. Here are a few bird tattoo designs that will knock you down. Check it out.

1. Dragon Fly Tattoo Designs

If you believe in gender equality and free will, then you stepped into the right pool of tattoo design. The dragonflies, with an air of bewilderment are good at casting their charm spell around them. Glorify the beliefs of purity, harmony, frivolity and prosperity with these enticing tattoo designs.

The tribal designs are being noted as the popular ones for their cultural and spiritual meaning. The charming black stripes of a tribal tattoo identify the deep connection holding the wearer to the culture.
Savor the best dragonfly tattoo designs presented here and share your thoughts.

Love The Look Of This

Simple Dragonfly Tattoo

Few More Stylish Patterns

Simple Bird Tattoo

Simple Dragonfly On Wrist

Dragonfly Wrist Tattoo

Dragon fly and flower combination symbolizing femininity and youth. The colors are lively and the tattoos look quite girly.

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Best Dragonfly Tattoos

Tribal Dragon Fly Designs

A simple black and white tribal tattoo pattern looks good.

Tribal Dragon Fly Tattoo

Add a little color to the tribal pattern and make it look more interesting.

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Tribal Dragon fly Pattern Tattoo

Color Foot Dragonfly Tattoo

2. Swallow Tattoo Designs

Want to rejoice the safe return of a loved one? Or a recovery from a ruination? Or the battle won over the hassles of life? Go nowhere but here for such a meaningful tattoo design – Swallow.

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Swallows are the first signs for the sailors to see when they are nearing land. Hence these designs are mostly worn by sailors and their loved ones reflecting the bright positive outlook about life and hope.

These designs are also popular among the rockabilly girls bringing to notice the prime time of rockabilly music and swallow tattoos.

Swallow Tattoo Designs

Bring it on ladies, the retro style of tattoos with deep rooted meaning of love, loyalty and hope.

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Swallow On Hand

Swallow Tattoo on Hand

Swallow On Foot

Traditional Swallow Tattoo on Foot

Swallow On The Body

Swallow Tattoo on Body

The single tone swallow tattoo designs usually look more tribal design type.

Tribal Swallow Tattoos

Two Swallow Tattoos

Go for the two swallow tattoos to represent freedom in thoughts, speech, freedom from bad habits, etc.

Couple Swallow Tattoos

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3. Seahorse Tattoo Designs

Very rare, yet very intriguing tattoo design is the Seahorse. Though they look fierce they are the symbols of patience, tranquility, creativity and meditation.

They look familiar right? Wondering where have you seen them? Don’t beat yourself up, they are mostly seen as servants and messengers in the ‘Little Mermaid’ Disney classic revealing that they are the servants of Poseidon, the god of seas.

One more interesting fact is the camouflage traits. If you are a person who doesn’t like bringing to light their innermost selves, then knock it off with the Seahorse tattoo design.

Seahorses depict the ‘go with the flow’ attitude towards life. The attitude every individual should carry engraved into their minds. One step at a time, lets engrave this symbolism in our body and let it seep in to our minds.

Elegant Seahorse Patterns

Seahorse Tattoo

Cute Seahorse Tattoos

Small Seahorse Tattoo Designs

Small Seahorses On The Ear

Seahorse Tattoo on Ear

Seahorses On Foot

Seahorse Tattoo on Foot

Tribal Seahorse Tattoo Ideas

Seahorses Gliding On The Wrist

Seahorses Gliding Tattoo on Wrist


4. Humming Bird Tattoo Designs

A symbol of love and joy, a symbol of life and prosperity is the perfect humming bird. Get tattooed with the vibrant, colorful humming bird and create the buzz of it around you with its beauty and grace. Also called the love bird by Jamaicans, it encompasses traits of sexual prowess, high energy and amazing flair.

Stagger yourself with the intoxicating buzz of the humming bird. Check out these cool images of humming bird tattoo designs and get baffled at the delicacy.

Hummingbird On Wrist

Pick either colorful or two toned, intricate or simple. Figure out your pick and hum away with it.

Hummingbird Wrist Tattoo

Small Hummingbird Tattoo Designs

The most common location of tattoos are the foot. If you are a foot bearer, look into these

Colorful Hummingbird Tattoos Ideas

Simple and simply superb tattoo idea is here, check it out

Small Hummingbird Tattoo Behind the Ear

Since they represent love, attraction and sustenance in tough situations, you can place it close to heart

Hummingbird Tattoos Patterns

Nectar of life

Hummingbird and flower tattoo

Also called love birds, the hummingbird tattoo can be designed in the following way which is bold and beautiful

Love Body Hummingbird Tattoo

Images Source: pinterest.com

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