Top 50 Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas


Cute Couple Tattoo Ideas
We all know that tattoos are getting extremely popular especially among stylish and cool youngsters. However, there are so many tattoo designs to choose from but some of them are extremely creative, cute and trendy as well.

Couple tattoos are a sweet and incredibly creative way of telling the world how dedicated you both are in a passionate relationship. Those pretty pieces of body art on your body have extremely romantic, unique and obvious significance for your relationship.

While one can also choose mehndi designs as temporary tattoos, there are couple who are going one step further and to have the permanent inking done to make it last lifelong.

Check out these creative and cute couple tattoos ideas that tell the world how well these couple get along with each other.

1. Black And White Flower Power


2.Together Forever

Together Forever

3. Circles Of Life

Circles Of Life

4. Space Love

Space Love

5. Two Halves Equals One

Two Halves Equals One

Locks and keys are cute couple tattoos who want to show how they have locked their respective partners in the hearts, mind, and souls.

6. Lock And Key Tattoo On Inner Wrist

Lock And Key Tattoo On Inner Wrist

7. Intricate Couple Tattoo

Intricate Couple Tattoo

8. Lock And Key Tattoo Design For Foot

Lock And Key Tattoo Design For Foot

It’s a great bonding act for a couple to get couple tattoos together, these romantic and sweet tattoos make their commitment for the relationship even stronger.

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9. Game Of Love

Game Of Love

10. Interlocking Hearts

Interlocking Hearts

11. Black And Grey Puzzle Piece

Black And Grey Puzzle Piece

14. Matching Couple Tattoo

Matching Couple Tattoo

If you want to tell the world how passionate you are in the relationship, go for these cute and really creative couple tattoo. Couple tattoos usually have some part of a tattoo inked on your body and the other part on your spouse’s body. Both the designs look identical and will complete the design only when they come closer to each other. It is a kind of passionate and really romantic gesture.

15. King And Queen

King And Queen

16. Cute Couple Tattoo On Fingers

Cute Couple Tattoo On Fingers

17. Bow And Arrow

Bow And Arrow

18. Unique Finger Tattoo For Couples

Unique Finger Tattoo For Couples

Finger couple tattoos look very trendy; couples get same or correlated tattoos on their fingers and feet. This latest trend is suitable for the couple who share the similar kinds of interests, likes and ideas.

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19. Worded Couple Tattoo

Worded Couple Tattoo


20. Ship Wheel And Anchor Tattoo

Ship Wheel And Anchor Tattoo

21. Unique Bow Tattoo For Couples

Unique Bow Tattoo For Couples

22. Simple Couple Tattoo

Simple Couple Tattoo

Couple tattoo images can be for a boy and girl or for best friends to try.

23. Matching Heart Tattoos

Matching Heart Tattoos

24. Watercolor Heart Tattoo

Watercolor Heart Tattoo

25. Two Souls One Heart

Two Souls One Heart

Before going for a body art, couples should think carefully about it, because once a design is embellished onto your body, it is generally an everlasting tattoo.

26. Infinity Couple Tattoo With Initials

Infinity Couple Tattoo With Initials

27. You And Me Forever

You And Me Forever

28. Through Thick And Thin

Through Thick And Thin

29. Infinity Couple Tattoo With Names And Feathers

Infinity Couple Tattoo With Names And Feathers

When a couple wants to pick related or identical designs that both the partners like, it is recommended that the couple take enough time and have a deep discussion about the kind of romantic design they want.


If you want the identical or couple tattoos, as your spouse’s, then agree on a particular design or slogan ad get it inked on your skin as well as on your partner’s skin.

Same design couple tattoos are very fashionable and trendy. You need to agree on a design or slogan and get it tattooed on your skin as well as your partner’s skin. Identical and related couple tattoos also indicate how much you both care for each other.

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30. King And Queen Of Hearts

King And Queen Of Hearts

31. Couple Wrist Tattoo

Couple Wrist Tattoo

32. Roman Numerals Tattoo

Roman Numerals Tattoo

33. Ink That Date

Ink That Date

Pick the best slogan or design that can help you both recall your sweet moments together and get them printed. You can relate to these couple tattoos designs easily when you both are physically close to each other and join these tattoos.

34. Simple Worded Arm Tattoo

Simple Worded Arm Tattoo

35. Together In Love

Together In Love

36. Cool His And Her Arm Tattoo

Cool His And Her Arm Tattoo

Sky is the limit, when it comes to the romantic designs and slogans for couple tattoos. If a couple is going to celebrate their anniversary in an extremely classy and fashionable way, they can get those very creative and romantic tattoos.

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37. Married Couple Tattoo On Arms

Married Couple Tattoo On Arms

38. Mr. And Mrs. Skull

Mr And Mrs Skull

39. Game Of Thrones Lovers

Game Of Thrones Lovers

40. Lock And Key Tattoo With Words

Lock And Key Tattoo With Words

Some of the very common couple tattoos include a pair of cute animals, hearts, funny cartoons or identical or related symbols or designs that complete each another.

So if you have made your mind to get your skin inked with couples tattoo along with your soul-mate, we suggest you to do some serious exploration around. The reputation and experience level of a tattoo or body art specialist can be checked using Google or local review websites.

41. Couple Tattoos With Dates

Couple Tattoos With Dates

42. Music Lovers

Music Lovers

43. Funny Couple Tattoo

Funny Couple Tattoo

Scroll down to have a look at some of the other unique couple tattoo ideas, couple tattoo designs for love, etc.

44. Cute Mr. And Mrs. Tattoo

Cute Mr And Mrs Tattoo

45. Beauty And Beast

Beauty And Beast

46. Cute Disney Couple Tattoo

Cute Disney Couple Tattoo

47. Love And Respect

Love And Respect

48. Wedding Ring Tattoo

Wedding Ring Tattoo

49. Chess Lovers

Chess Lovers

50. Colored Hearts With Initials Tattoo

Colored Hearts With Initials Tattoo

For those who still are not convinced about getting a permanent tattoo, can try the temporary gold tattoo. These are extremely trending and look good when tried during holidays and other party events. So go on and explore all the possibilities. Hope you enjoyed this post on cute couple tattoos.

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