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Popular Tattoos and their Meanings

by Fashionlady

Most Popular Tattoo Designs
Tattooing has been a timeless tradition which can be dated back to ancient tribal thousands of years ago and found in numerous religious practices. Now, it has taken the form of a fashion fad which is associated with rebellion, style, expression and body art.

Whether it be heavy metal rocker or a pretty ballerina, tattoos are a rage with everybody and are an avenue to express their personality, thoughts, ideas and way of life. A tattoo can speak thousands of words, hold a significant meaning and goes beyond being just a raging style trend.

Fashionistas, if you love the tattoo trend and are planning to get one soon, then this post will help you decide on one. Do your groundwork and get a clear picture of what you want before you go for a permanent tattoo. Make it worth your time, money and effort – After all, they are going to be permanent fixtures on your body and you wouldn’t want to be embarrassed with it when you grow older!

Fashionlady presents to you popular tattoo designs and the meanings they withhold!


Perhaps one of the most popular tattoo design over the centuries and globally, it is highly sought after by young,teen girls and women. A butterfly tattoo looks gorgeous with its vivid colors, feminine design and beautiful structure. It stands for the human desire to set free and venture life with fully spread wings. It signifies exhilarating freedom and celebrates femininity, peace and joyous spirit.

Butterfly Tattoos

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A butterfly tattoo also can be chosen to honor a special woman who died at an early age.

With its vivid colors and graceful wings, the butterfly tattoo will compliment you beautifully and can be made across the neck, back, ear or as a lovely armband!

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Chinese Characters

The oriental east always stands for mystic, exotica and allure. It is the glimpse of this exotic Orient which can be seen in the Chinese symbols that feature beautiful calligraphy in terms of lovely curves, artistic lines and patterns which make great tattoos.  These are not mere Chinese alphabets or drawings, but are actually called “Logograms” which represent a word/object and can be used just by itself.


Chinese Tattoo Symbols

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Symbols for words like strength, courage and faith can be put together to make a cool tattoo which conveys a story or message.

Rose tattoo

It symbolizes love, beauty and also believed to be  stand for eternal love, hope and fresh beginnings. Whereas a rose with thorns conveys the opposite meaning with devastating loss and thoughtlessness.

A red rose tattoo would convey peace, love and purity whereas a black one stands for death. You can experiment with rose tattoos in different beautiful hues like red, pink, orange and blue.

Rose tattoos for womens

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This friendly, amiable sea creature is one of the most popular tattoos inked in women. It symbolizes freedom, happiness, joy and free spirit. It is categorized into two styles I.e traditional and tribal.

A popular tattoo design with music lovers and professionals in the music field, they ink their body with numerous melodious notes to showcase their undying love for music. Women love to get musical note tattoos and make a bold statement by doing so.

Music Tattoos

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Common music tattoos are music bards, trebles, notes and clefs in combination with hearts, stars and roses.

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Japanese flower tattoos are some of the oldest and beautiful tattoo designs with deep meaning and significance.  However, the flower tattoo trend across the world is equally strong.

One of the most appealing and serenely beautiful flower tattoo designs are lovely orchids which hold various meanings in different cultures. In Japan, the orchid symbolizes bravery, warriors and chivalry.

Beautiful Orchid Tattoo Designs

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In the ancient Aztec culture, it means power and strength whereas in China it  symbolizes fertility and prosperity.

If you are planning to get an orchid tattoo, you can choose from 25,000 kinds of orchid flowers!  Each orchid holds a different meaning and can be associated to the culture which is closest to the flower.

What is your style and which tattoo would you choose?

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