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World’s Most Expensive Tattoo

by Fashionlady
Most Expensive Tattoo

Most Expensive Tattoo in the World

Did you ever think like bags and wedding dresses, there can also be the world’s most expensive tattoo?

South African Shimansky brand model “Minki van der Westhuizen” is wearing the world’s most expensive tattoo. The tattoo is not just what you might normally think in the way of art through inking, but this is the result of the laborious process involved in encrusting 612 Shimansky 0.5 cut carat diamonds on her skin using a water based adhesive.

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The idea was to make use of the rising popularity of body tattoo so as to market Shimansky jewels to a really high-end audience. The tattoo costs $924,000 and the company assures to get one of these tattoos at any of their eight South African store and also in four international locations. No matter whether you use real or fake diamonds, in the end it is your attitude behind your expensive passion that matters.

While we are talking about most expensive tattoo, let’s look at some most expensive tattoo artists in the World.

1. Scott Campbell

$1000 Per Hour / $200 every succeeding

Tattoo Studio: Saved Tattoo, New York

Scott Campbell has tattooed some extremely famous celebrities in Hollywood including Marc Jacobs, Robert Downey, Josh Hartnett and Heath Ledger.

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2. Ami James

$500 Per Hour

Tattoo Studio: Love Hate Tattoos, Tattoodo

Ami James is the Co-owner of Love Hate Tattoos and is also featured on the TLC show, Miami Ink.


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3. Anil Gupta

$450 Per Hour

Now if you are thinking about getting a tattoo done by him, make sure you have a 6-month window to get an appointment from him.

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