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World’s Most Expensive Bras

by Fashionlady
World’s Most Expensive Bras

There is no secret Victoria’s Secret sells world’s lavish lingerie and in the recent decade they have launched world’s most expensive bras bejeweled with diamonds and precious stones. This has indeed has changed the way the world had been seeing the haute couture garment until their establishment.

World’s Most Expensive Bras

Source: lilicss.blogspot

Following the trend started by the American brand with its limited edition bras studded with precious stones, world’s leading apparel designers and renowned jewelry companies have now joined hands to launch bejeweled bras made out of gold, and embellished with diamonds and crystals. From the push up bras to the sports bra, Fashionlady offers you world’s most expensive bras.Have a look!

#1 Bra designed by Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers
Cost: $1 million

Expensive Bras

Source: nydailynews

This bra is made up of 18 carat gold and is encrusted with 500 carats of diamonds. This lavish ornamented brassiere is designed by the Birmingham Estate and Jewelry Buyers. It took them three months to design and 40 workers and almost a year to complete it.

Most Expensive Bras

Source: thesun.co.uk

Unlike Victoria’s Secret expensive bras, which contain fabric into which diamonds and gems are encrusted, this particular bra does not have fabric and has been purely crafted out of 750 grams of solid gold.

#2 Diamond studded golden filigree bra
Cost: $108,600

What could tempt the uber-rich lasses more than the gold and diamond studded two piece sets?

 Victoria’s Secret bras

Source: pinterest.com

This is another pair of lavish bra, which is currently displayed in Beijing, is embedded with gold filigree designs made up of pure gold with 7.5 karats of dazzling South African diamonds and weighing 630 grams. It took around 2000 hours to complete it.


So, here goes the calculation- $13,600 for the gold, $45,000 for the diamonds, and $50,000 for the labor; which sums up to $108,600. Well, now valiant crooks have got something hot to steal for..

#3 Gold bra/glasses for midas touch by Zhou Nigxin
Cost: $1.89 million

World’s Most Expensive lingerie

Source: pinterest.com

This gold bra weighs 458.66 grams designed by 458.66 grams. Apart from this bra, the designer also showcased a funky pair of sunglasses made up of gold weighing 111.33 grams. Wonder how the wearer is going to see from beneath those glasses?

#4 Gold brasserie by Korea’s Golden Zone
Cost: $1.89 million

million gold bra

Source: pinterest.com

This piece of lingerie is ornamented with 2,500 dazzling diamonds with a 5.4 carat sapphire as centerpiece and was displayed at a shopping mall in Jinhua City of Zhejiang province, China.

#6 Swarovski Studded ‘Cinderella Bra’
Cost: NA

Embellished with glass and Swarovski crystals, this is a beautifully hand-crafted bra created by skilled craftsmen. This is also known as  Cinderella Bra and made its first debut at the Singapore Fashion Week. The crystals are beaded at the the sides, center panel and straps and are also etched onto the cups.

Cinderella Bra

Source: pinterest.com

It is now displayed at Robinsons in Raffles City. Just wondering why this bra is known as Cinderella bra? Don’t know if Cinderella was wearing similar kind of lingerie besides her expensive gown and glass shoes.

#7 Sports bra with a solid gold zipper by BodyRock Sport
Cost: $20,011

Sports bra with a solid gold

Source: pinterest.com

BodyRock Sport, a luxury women’s sport wear designer brand has launched the “Eternal Love Bra”, which is embellished with hand-crafted Swarovski crystals, gold stud detailing, and black diamond Swarovski crystals.

most Expensive Bra

Source: nydailynews.com

Furthermore, this $20,011 silk bra also features a removable 18 carat gold zipper, which comes along-with a skull-shaped gold pull with diamond encrusted eyes. Britney Spears had worn this Eternal Love Bra in a promotional photograph for a new game called Twister Dance.

FYI: Here we’ve not included Victoria’s Secret expensive bras. Stay tuned for our upcoming post on Victoria’s Secret  Most Expensive Bras.

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