How to Discourage Teens on Getting Tattoo


Teens on Getting Tattoo

While teenage is always rebellious and reckless, the teenagers are constantly looking for adopting anything that can define their individuality. Just as 60s and 70s witnessed youth donning funky clothes and becoming hippies, today teens are using body art to display their individuality.

Teens on Getting Tattoo

Getting inked or body piercing is a way your teen informs you –

“I’m growing up and making my own decisions, even if you don’t like it!”

It’s by nature whatever parents say teenage kids will do the opposite. So, the major concern is how you’re going to discuss with your kids in a way that makes them understand and also respects their growing urge for independence, whilst suppressing triggering rebellious behavior.

You’ll be better off to take a deep breath, control your strong temperament and ask, “Tell me more about why is this important to you?”

Discourage Teens on Getting Tattoo

The first thing you should do is hold patience and sit back and listen. Every time your kid comes to a rigid position, ask him/her, “Why is it important to you?” By this, you’ll understand what they feel rather than their craze for body embellishment.

Even add this –  “This doesn’t mean that I agree, but I really want to understand why this matters so much to you.”

By doing this you’ll be in a better position to continue your counseling with a quiet and positive understanding.

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Here are some suggestions offered by Fashionlady to help you easily deal with your teens. Continue reading!

Passing craze

Better start your side of conversation with your personal experience. Share them your personal experience even though you never had any; there’s no crime in cooking up a story like how you’d decided to go for something similar by getting influenced from others…

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Fashion keeps changing

When your teen has already fallen for fashion, it’s necessary to talk to them in their own language. Tell them about changing fashion. It’s always easy to upgrade your wardrobe, but how hard and painful it is to undo a permanent tattoo ot gouged earlobes.

First impression is always the last


Since we’re putting up in India, there is a huge difference between Indian and western cultures. Tell them how an appearance puts a huge impact on one’s personality and how they’re accepted by the society. It’s better to give them examples like meeting future in-laws during marriage proposals, during wedding, preparing for job interview, aspiring for armed forces job etc.

Tattoos for teenagers


Find out if your teen is determined on displaying his/her individuality. Tell them there are copious other ways to stand out in the crowd. They can show interest in sports, art or focus on their career. Getting into sports or learning music can also earn them appreciation and their friends can envy them for such decisions.

After effects

Now educate them on the various side effects involved in getting a permanent tattoo. While pain is the undisputed factor involved in this form of body art, body tattoo also adheres to various allergic reactions and life risk transmissions such as HIV and hepatitis to name a few.

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Last but not the least…

Always remember to never loose your patience and listen more than lecturing. Although moments like this alter most parents’ patience, they should however feel proud that at least their kids opened up about their desires.

Always focus on their positive attributes, without forgetting your teen is a commendable person in-making on life’s tough journey to adulthood.


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