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How to Discourage Teens on Body Piercing

by Fashionlady
How to Discourage Teens on Body Piercing

teenes Body Piercing
So what is body piercing?

When we are already discussing on teen fashion, let’s cover body piercing in this edition and also find out if it’s ideal for teenagers or they should wait for couple of years.

Body piercing is a kind of body art of puncturing any part of body to decorate it with jewelry or ornamentation. This form of body modification is centuries’ old, which was practiced by both the sexes throughout the world. While ear and nose piercing are widespread throughout the world, other body piercings like lip, naval, tongue, eyebrows and nipple piercing are also quite popular mostly in western countries.

body piercing for womens

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Why do people go for body piercing?

Various opinions

I suppose its just because they like it. I mean its the same way people like to get tattoos,’they like it and it expresses the way they are and of course, it looks cool in my opinion
To me, it’s beautiful and it makes me feel sexy. It also ups my confidence, cos they make for a great ice-breaker conversation. I don’t think all piercing suit all people though. You need to get what suits your body specifically. For example, I feel the the curvier ladies should maybe avoid naval piercings, but their rounder or heart-shaped faces provided the perfect look for a monroe.  Tattoos, also improve the look, I think, and personally, when it comes to looks, I’ll pic a guy with tats and piercings over a guy with nothing.

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Well imo…my piercings are a form of empowerment for me I guess. Knowing that I have the power to put something aesthetically beautiful in my body and nobody can tell me to remove it if I don’t want to feel good I feel like its the ONE thing I do have control over all of the time. And in some twisted way it’s also a form of stress relief to me it’s like when I get a new shiney I get extremely happy and it makes me feel unstressed and makes me feel better. There’s also the anatomical fascination that’s amazing to me I mean c’mon what’s not fascinating about being able to shove a foreign object through your body and your body being able to accept it? lol I dunno maybe I’m just weird like that.

How to discourage your teens on body piercing

How to discourage your teens on body piercing

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Whatever be the reason, body piercing should always be taken seriously. It hugely depends on your age, surrounding and culture. Above all, teens who easily get exposed to influences, both positive and negative, should be counseled enough to stay away from such fashion.


Apart from lobe and nose piercing, teenagers should always be discouraged to go for other type of piercings. Again when body piercings have become increasingly mainstream, persuading a teen not to fall for such body art can be a tough task.

type of piercings

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Fashionlady gives you some effective tips to help you brainwash your child against such not-so-appreciated fashion especially in India.  Read on! 

  • Thumb rule: Never get too emotional and stop interfering now and then in your child’s personal space. Being a parent, if you take your child’s action too personally then it may even backfire. Since teenage is rebellious so they will do exactly what you’ve asked them not to do.
  • Instead, sit with your children and discuss with them about the side effects of body piercing and how they are at times life threatening with more likely diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B and C and tetanus.
  • May be some of these diseases won’t show up immediately, but they may take 1-10 years to take on their health completely.
Teen Body Piercings

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  • Now also be careful in discussing about these after effects with them, as most of the teens feel their body is bullet proof. So, it’s better search for real stories and cases online and show them to convince them.
  • Again, make sure when you’re giving examples such as HIV affected patients following body piercing, don’t highlight the number. You may end up showing very few cases which your kid can take too lightly and ignore your further counseling.
  • Make them aware about the allergic reactions due to body piercing and how most of these people end up visiting a doctor. Visual example is always effective so show them the cases where body piercing went wrong.
  • Make them aware about the financial implications. Reveal the medical cost involved in treatment following reactions and contractions. And if it’s required, don;t even hesitate to warn them such costs are no more going to be your responsibility.
  • If still it doesn’t work out, let them talk with your family doctor or any third person whom they will listen more seriously and mindfully.
perfect body piercing

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Body piercing or any kind of fashion is only appreciated and accepted in your society if it goes with your culture and social environment. You should not end up looking a nerd in a bid to look fashionable, no matter you’re still in your puberty years or have gained the adulthood license.

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