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The Mind-Boggling Third Eye Piercing Is Here To Astonish!

by Fashionlady
Third Eye Piercing

Third eye piercing or dermal piercing has become very popular at the moment. With the piercing trends on it’s peak, people have become more experimenting and fierce with their outlook. Are you among the ones inspired? Do you know what goes into getting a third eye piercing? Can you get micro-dermal on your body?

Third Eye Piercing

Well, if these questions have been popping in your head, then you are the right place. We have all your third eye piercing questions answered! Have a look and then decide.

What Is A Third Eye Piercing?

Third eye piercing is the gap made between the eyebrows vertically at the nose bridge. This piercing is also referred to as the bindi piercing or vertical bridge piercing or unicorn piercing.

According to Hinduism and Buddhism, the third eye dermal signifies enlightenment.

What Is Third Eye Piercing

Source: masterpiercing.com

Procedure For Third Eye Piercing:

  • Select a professional salon who are well-experienced in bridge piercing for satisfactory results.
  • Having the piercing done at the center of the forehead is most important, else it may affect the face symmetry. It can be done using a surgical pen.
  • One may also make use a sterilized needle for inserting this piece of dermal jewelry.

Third Eye Piercing Healing And Care:

The healing duration may depend on how well you care and clean the wound. Proper care should be taken after bindi piercing by using aftercare products. You may need to wait for four to six weeks for complete wound healing.

How To Take Care Of Infections?

  • Prevent touching the piercing area as it may get infected with germs.
  • Ensure that clothes do not get stuck onto the jewelry as it may cause pain.
  • While swimming, tie your hair up tight, as loose hair strands may carry germs and lead to infection.
  • Avoid swimming until the wound heals.
  • Clean the piercing area using warm salt water twice daily.

Types Of Third Eye Piercing:

While getting a third eye piercing, a small titanium or surgical steel anchor is inserted below the skin surface. Unless it’s an all-skin anchor with a fixed top, the dermal anchor can be capped using relatively flat dermal top or other types. Here are several third eye piercing jewelry:


1. Flat Head Screw-Shaped Dermal Top:

Flat dermal top is perfect to wear while your piercing is still in the healing period. This helps in minimizing the risk of getting a potential infection from the piercing by getting it snagged on your clothes, or it being ripped off completely.

Flat Head Screw-Shaped Dermal Top

Source: picclick.com

2. Jeweled Dermal Piercing Tops:

The jeweled dermal piercing is quite cool to wear. These anchors are also sold separately. You may find this accessory in several colors like blue, pink, red, blue, black, tanzanite, and clear green.

Jeweled Dermal Piercing Tops

Source: in.pinterest.com/bodyvibejewelry/

3. Dermal Piercing Spikes:

The dermal piercing spikes are available in many designs including dermal anchors, barbells, surface barbells, and studs.

Dermal Piercing Spikes

Source: painfulpleasures.com

4. Custom-made Gold Dermal Tops:

You can pick custom-made gold dermal tops like the one below. These look classy and will definitely make you stand out.

Custom-made Gold Dermal Tops

Source: painfulpleasures.com

5. Dermal Tops in Unique Shapes:

The dermal tops come in a variety of unique shapes and materials. Have a look at few designs here.

  • Clean the piercing area thoroughly daily. Spray it several times using an aftercare spray.
  • Touch the area as less as you can for it to heal well.
  • Apply a sea-salt solution-soaked cotton ball twice or thrice daily to your dermal piercing to fully saturate the healing saline. You can also make your own solution by mixing ¼ sea salt into a cup of sterile water. Additionally, you may also add tea tree oil to heal your dermal piercing better.
  • Wash your hands with antibacterial soap or wear gloves before touching the dermal piercing area.
  • Do not worry if dry skin forms around your dermal piercing. That is just dried lymph. To remove this, simply saturate cotton with saline solution. Press the wet cotton ball gently against your piercing to soften this. Once it has softened up, wipe off using a clean tissue.
  • Make sure not to touch the dry skin or move your jewelry to loosen it.
  • If the dermal piercing is done in an area where clothes normally cover it, then make sure to wear breathable, loose-fitting clothes until the healing process.
  • If the piercing is exposed, then you need to protect it by covering periodically. Rub a facial dermal piercing against your pillow. Cover it using a small, round band-aid. Do not keep the area covered for long period of time. Instead give it as much fresh air as possible for faster healing.
  • Eat well, get plenty of sleep, avoid alcohol and smoking, and be hygienic, for allowing your piercing to heal faster.

To learn more about dermal piercings, check in with a dermal piercing professional or practitioners. They will guide you on the correct procedure, after-care, and third eye piercing prices. If you have additional questions about dermal piercing process, you can post it in our comment box below.

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