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Heard About Microdermal Piercing? Find Out All About It Here!

by Fashionlady
Microdermal Piercing

Microdermal Piercing

Also known as dermal piercing, microdermal piercing is a single point piercing according to expert skin aestheticians. The puncturing of the skin is done on a flat part or surface of the body and can be anywhere on the body, which isn’t a big process to follow as such. This is what makes them quite different by nature from what we see in body piercings.

When microdermal piercing is done, only the end part of the ornament would be seen sitting pretty on the skin’s surface, while the rest of the ornament in inside the skin’s dermal layer. This brings about a bead like appearance on the skin’s surface; the answer to how does a microdermal piercing work explained.

Microdermal Piercing Wrist

Why Is Microdermal Piercing So Popular?

One needs to understand that not everyone wants to have an elaborate piercing on them to flaunt, and that is why the flat surface on the body where piercing is done is considered fashionable and chic. Much more than what regular piercings can do, microdermal piercing can have multiple piercings and hence is way better than surface piercing as it shows nothing to the onlookers but the end ornament.

Collarbone Microdermal Piercings

Are There Any Risks?

To be honest, there is minimum microdermal piercing pain when inserting the microdermal piercing jewelry into the skin and a professional piercer or skin aesthetician can even do it without you feeling the pinch or pain too. The pain only happens because the dermal layer of the skin is being penetrated and the piercing is being set. It is only then when you feel the pain, and not after it. However, if the insertion is not done and set right, the pain can continue, and this is why we ask you to visit a certified skin professional for the same.

Microdermal Piercing Aftercare

The other risk could be bacterial infection development, especially when the microdermal piercing pictures, microdermal hip piercing, microdermal chest piercing, microdermal piercing wrist, collarbone microdermal piercing, belly button microdermal piercing, etc. aren’t done by a professional hand. When a professional does it, they do so with all regulations in place and would help you with microdermal piercing aftercare as well. So you know what to do when healing is on and how to manage the pierced zone with care as well, at home.

Microdermal Piercing Pictures

What You Need To Know

With regard to microdermal piercing, here are a few pointers to bear in mind!

1. It takes around ninety days or lesser for the healing to happen, and this is when you need to be careful about the pierced zone – no tugging and pulling at that zone and no forcing the piercing to move or accidently moving it too.


Collarbone Microdermal Piercing

2. When bathing, you have to only gently dab the area clean and soak the water, or else the tissues in the skin would move and cause irritation and inflammation. Moreover, the piercing can attach itself to the fabric of the towel and pull, which is worse than being injected without a warning.

Belly Button Microdermal Piercing

3. When you wear your clothes, you have to be careful as well, since fabrics can clutch onto the piercing and pull; leading to pain.

How Does a Microdermal Piercing Work

We hope this information on what is a microdermal piercing and everything related to it comes in handy! So are you willing to give this body piercing a shot? Let us know in the comments below.

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