White Henna Designs: An Innovative Take On Traditional Body Art!


Ladies with henna all over their hands and feet (let us not forget the scalp) is a common sight these days, be it for festivals or wedding functions. How many of us have seen the white henna designs on the arms and hands of modern babes? Not many, right. Time to know and befriend this new-kid-on-the-block on the mehndi front – the white henna.

White Henna Designs

Many of us might associate white henna hands with an experimental take on traditional body art. So it is easy to understand why many boho-inspired looks have hands or any other body part adorned with this decorative design.

White henna is just a temporary body paint. The patterns that are drawn using it are similar to the ones drawn using traditional mehndi cones.

What Is White Henna?

For those of you who are new to it, white henna is becoming a favorite art among the western fashionistas. Most of the brides in western countries are opting for temporary white henna art as fashion pairing with their beautiful white wedding gowns.

Unlike the traditional art of applying henna with a cone (which all of us know), white henna is a cosmetic white paste that may be applied with a paintbrush.

White Henna Cones
Source: syraskins.com.sg

The promising part (now you can breathe a sigh of relief) about white mehndi is that it does not stain your skin like the traditional mehndi which is made from henna leaves.

White Henna Hands
Source: hennainspire.blogspot.in

What Is White Henna Made Of?

To get you closer to the subject, white henna is “white” in color (obviously). Talking about the white henna ingredients, the extra thing is the metallic or glitter accents on it.

How do you get the white color in white henna?

It is thanks to the white body paint, white glitter, and adhesive. You can get the whole white henna look with white or metallic temporary tattoos. Acrylic or craft paint are used to make intricate looking beautiful patterns.

In fact, the body paint (white in this case) is a great way to decorate your hands with white henna. You could even use acrylic or craft paint.

If you ever come across pics of white henna, it is worthwhile knowing that white henna mehndi patterns are just paints that wash off at the end of the day. That is why you will never ever find any white henna stain leaving a stain on your body/hands like the way the actual henna does.

How To Make And Apply White Henna?

Here is how to go about it:

  1. You can get the desired white henna look by mixing two things – mica powder and adhesive face paint.
  1. Once you have got this cosmetic paste ready, start filling it in the cones. First, you need to make white henna cones.
  1. Make sure the cone is thin (it should be unlike the staining henna cone).
  1. Secure the open end of the cone and make a very tiny hole.
  1. Now start decorating your hands and feet!
  1. Follow it up with dusting some cosmetic glitter on the henna designs.

A word of advice –

Use waterproof face paint. This way, the white henna design pattern will last for more than 24 hours!

Top 16 White Henna Designs:

Here is a pattern-check of white henna designs. Drool-worthy they are:

1. Elegant Lace White Henna:

For brides-to-be, the white henna hands are perfect for the engagement ceremony. The netted design gives the hand a lovely lacey-net glove look.

White Henna Ingredients
Source: mehndidesignideas.net

2. Lotus Flower Henna Design:

The white henna design turns out to be more beautiful when there are flower patterns used in it. Take, for instance, this huge lotus blooming out in the middle. Doesn’t it look exotic? It also looks perfect for festive occasions.

Extravaganza In Henna
Source: instagram.com/crown_mermaid/

6. Henna Design With A Write-Up:

A two-worded text adds more punch to your white henna design. See the design sample below. Isn’t the message shown the best one to flaunt?

Henna Design With Write Up
Source: getfashionsummary.com

7. White Henna For The Bride:

Wearing traditional mehndi with flowing white gowns is a mismatch. Go for white henna hands if you are a bride and intend to wear a beautiful flowy white gown!

White Henna For Bride
Source: imehndi.com

8. Arabic Designs In White Henna:

Arabic Mehndi patterns are famous the world over. Why not give them a new twist in the form of white henna?

Arabic White Henna
Source: boredart.com

9. Rose Design In White Henna:

Sounds cool a combination of red/pink rose and white henna pattern. Am I right? This particular design gives your mehndi a soft floral touch and makes it look gorgeous too!

Rose White Henna
Source: blurmark.com

10. Dream Catcher In Mehndi:

This design is dedicated to boho babes who wear free-spirited accessories and have a fondness for unique motifs.

Dream Catcher In Mehndi
Source: blingsparkle.com

11. Paisley White Mehendi:

If paisley is the new trend – then why leave white henna behind? They are quite a favorite. Get paisleys drawn on the back of each hand and be prepared to look a stunner hands-down.

Paisley White Mehendi
Source: instagram.com/crown_mermaid

12. Traditional White Mehndi Design:

Perfect for ethnic occasions is this henna tattoo, which has a conventional appeal to it. Relax, you can also team it up with boho flared pants!

Traditional White Mehndi Design
Source: mehndidesignideas.net


13. Bejeweled New Arabic White Mehndi:

Here come white henna hands adorned with Arabic mehndi designs that are inspired by real jewelry.

Bejeweled New Arabic White Mehndi
Source: mehndidesignideas.net

14. Heart Shaped Henna Design:

Express your romance – not with the boring flower or teddy but through this lovely heart-shaped white mehndi design. This will melt his heart in a unique way.

Heart Shaped Henna Design
Source: tattoosbeautiful.com

15. Minimalistic White Mehndi Design:

Must-try for the ones heading to the seashore!

Minimalistic White Mehndi
Source: weheartit.com

16. Unique Mehndi Design:

Discovered on Pinterest; pinned from Instagram. What more do you want? Start getting this lovely white henna hands done right away.

Unique Mehndi Design
Source: instagram.com/sonikashennaart

You must have got fascinated by the rocking white henna design patterns shown above. Which one do you plan to get inked? Do tell us in the comments box below.


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