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32 Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs To Inspire From

by Fashionlady

With back to back festival that are celebrated every year, followed by wedding season, every woman and the bride herself are all geared up to make their events special. And nothing could be more jazzing up than decorating your hands with Arabic mehndi designs that give conventional edge to the brides and the women celebrating the auspicious festivals.

Arabic Mehndi Designs
While the carefully curated henna art always features the typical patterns and designs, these days the artists give a modern twist by adding in new age elements like sparkles, stones etc. to make the design look more appealing. Moreover, the body artwork involves an array of options from full hand elaborate designs to a single stranded free-flowing structure. Apart from the beautiful Rajasthani mehndi, the Arabic henna designs are much in demands these days which motivate women to put these designs even if it’s not any event or occasion. If you want to learn the step by step henna tutorial.

Unlike Rajasthani mehndi, the Arabic design is usually identified by the distinctive floral art depicted in a vertically continuous pattern. The mango gota work or floral motifs recurring in geometrical template covers a large part of the palm and hand. While the huge motifs are filled with varied intricate designs, the surrounding space is also covered with branches flanked by leaflets and buds.

Go through these Simple Arabic Mehandi Designs For Hands

Arabic Mehndi Designs

A design which is hands full can lead to the ultimate definition of beautiful.

Arabic Mehndi Designs Full Hands

Put this design on the kids hands, a little one looks best when kept quirky and minimal.

Arabic Mehndi Designs for Hands

One of the oldest designs to embrace our delicate hands, yet the most loved one.

Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic designs have veils and flowers drawn across diagonally across the palms and the arms. This is what makes this a unique mehendi design.

Arabi Mehndi Designs

Even if all design is repetitive, in this types of mehendi, it does not look bad.

Arabic Mehndi

Modern twist in Arabic mehndi design

I had already mentioned in this post that artists are today giving a modern twist to this age-old henna artwork. The new age interpretation of Arabic mehndi design involves addition of contemporary tapestry designs to the traditional middle-eastern body art. These contemporary tapestry designs not only complement the bridal mehndi look but are now looked upon as an essential body tattoo by the fashion forward women. And when artists add in crystals and sparkles to their artwork, they then create a strong style statement evoking ethnicity at the same time.

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If you have by chance come across Arabic art ever then you can understand how the Arabic henna design is never the pure middle-eastern art form, instead it is hugely inspired from Indian mehndi art form. While the original Arabic art is usually in geometrical forms, the Arabic mehndi involves floral and animal motifs such as peacock that are of Indian origin.


Mehndi Designs For Hands

Although the spacing out of the Arabic mehendi designs is far more scattered, unlike the punjabi or marwadi, it still seems to look detailed and delicate.

Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs

For this type, you can either choose to have same designs on both hands or different ones on each. It’s absolutely your choice.

Latest Mehndi Designs

Or give it a mirror effect.

Arabic Mehndi Designs Images

Minimalism at its best. This trendy mehendi design is so modern, it deserves a shout out.

Mehandi Designs for Hands Images

Only if mehendi could replace hand accessories. What a stunner this design is, carefully curated!

Mehandhi Designs

Pretty mehendi calls for pretty hands, and here is the best example! Dots and mangoes in a mehendi design are the most sought after.

Best Mehndi Designs

A unique design depicting the modern age contemporary style, where a bit of tradition is combined with the new age.

Mehendi Design Images

Spirals, Spirals, Spirals! Forever tangling our hearts with beautiful sights, this spiral design is a must do.

Mehndi Images

Any particular monument or beliefs that you have could be turned into a beautiful mehendi piece, just like this one.

Mehandi Designs for Hand

A design like no other. So fresh and captivating, a design to stay for ages.

Mehndi Design for Hands

Make your season this floral, and I can guarantee you some happiness everytime you look at it.

Mehandi Designs for Feets Images

What a mesmerizing design for the feet! Arabic mehendi designs sure have a class of their own.

Latest Mehndi Designs

Not a bit of skin can be seen, yet so beautiful. Reviving this design could be a great option for a marriage.

Latest Mehndi Design

By applying henna all over the exposed areas of their body, their body temperature remained low as long as the color held. The women especially were soon bored of the monotonous reddish-brown palms. So, they started experimenting with henna by putting a single central dot, surrounded by several smaller dots, which eventually led to the complexity of henna designs we see today.

However, it were Mughals, who had brought Arabic mehndi designs to India in 12th century A.D. And by 16th century it was commonplace in the country during Akbar era.

This nets mehendi design covering the lowering part of the wrist, with a minimal finger design is captivating!

Mehndi Designs

There’s something about these perfectly aligned designs that gives one a high, just by staring at it. A must try mehendi design.

Mehndi Designs

What a unique design to start off with! Leaving just the right amount of space empty to complement the beauty of the design is the result of truly creative work.

Mehndi Designs For Girls

The feeling of a bride or just a festivity is beginning to sink in seeing this beauty! A time consuming design, but definitely worth every second.

Mehndi Designs For Women

Keep it simple by letting your back side of the palm grace a lustful mehendi design. Full of class and oomph, this stands out containing its own beauty.

Mehndi Designs For Woman

Hope you loved these 29 latest Arabic mehndi designs!! Stay tuned and stay inspired!

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