15 Best Mehndi Designs On The Sole Of Foot


After months of hiding up your feet in covered-up footwear, it’s finally the moment to expose them, which means its’ also the perfect time for some mehndi under the feet. Lucky for you, we kept our eye on mehndi design trends for the sole of foot, and we narrowed down to 15 choices. You may recall, we have suggested mehndi designs for hands earlier, now it’s time to extend the love to your feet.

Mehndi Designs On The Sole Of Foot

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Thoughtful Mehndi Designs For Your Feet:

Now that we have you captive, let’s just check through a bunch of pretty mehndi designs perfect for the sole of foot.

As you can notice, they look great without a doubt, layered with rose depictions. They are ‘extra fire on the feet. So unique! If you’re with us, say amen.

Mehndi Designs For Feet
Source: facebook.com/KnotsbyAMP

The floral motifs never left off from the mehndi trend platter. And its only getting bigger. Proof is the design below for the feet that read less messy and more refinement.

Mehndi Designs Under Feet
Source: instagram.com/hennalounge

All-the-way soaked in mehndi designs with sunny disposition is the perfect complement to any happy bridal feet. So be sure to steal this fresh trend.

Under Feet Mehndi Design
Source: facebook.com/TheCheesecakeProject

If you prefer your mehndi design to be one dimensional, then this is the perfect one to go for. The authentic style can usher in room for a little more modern touch.

Under Feet Mehndi
Source: facebook.com/rohanmishraphotography

An intricate mehndi design on the feet like this is decidedly adventurous and stunning. Focus on the checks and flowers as opposed to sophisticated.

Sole of Foot Mehndi Designs
Source: facebook.com/sarahennaseattle

Don’t fret-there’s no need to retire from black mehndi. This year, girls are not afraid to try deep hued intricacies as opposed to similar patterns.

Sole of Foot Mehndi
Source: instagram.com/hennalounge

Yes, we’re seeing double-just two free-flowing diagonal trials who both get it.

Mehndi Designs for Foot
Source: facebook.com/KolkataMehndiOriginal

Look closely as to why this feet mehndi design is unexpected yet breathtaking. File this under “best mehndi designs for all seasons.”

Foot Mehndi Designs
Source: facebook.com/tokomehndi

This mehndi design makes us feel that there is no limit to how you can decorate your soles. Priceless!

Henna Designs on the Sole of Foot
Source: shraddha’s mehendi art

Adding a unique checkered mehndi pattern on your soles adds up for a more sophisticated feel and complete look.

Henna on Bottom of the Foot
Source: facebook.com/vipulsharmaphotography

Just because others are covering their feet with larger depictions doesn’t mean you can’t reach out for simple, paisley designs. This is an effortless, yet classy look.

Mehndi on Bottom of the Foot
Source: facebook.com/mehndicultr

The netted version for the feet is appealing and dynamic. You can wear this design even beyond the bigger events.

Latest Foot Mehndi Designs
Source: createdbyconnie.co.uk

Elevate your mehndi look with a cross-dimensional look and easy combination as this one. This blending can succeed on any occasion because of its unexpected finish.

Henna Feet Designs
Source: desiblitz.com

For the especially minimal at heart, a netted floral imprinted mehndi design is perfect. A spaced out design is an unusual pick to the dramatic styles.


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