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With the festival season in full swing, what is there on your plate sweetie? Loads of blessings from your ma-in-law and good wishes and love from your dear husband! That’s all? Is this a trick? No reason to feel sad sweetie pie as the auspicious day of Karwa Chauth not only gets you lovely gifts and presents (read diamonds, sarees, lehngas and gold jewellery), but the super fabulous karva chauth mehndi designs too.

karwa chauth mehndi design

Feeling happy now? Well you have every reason too.

An integral part of celebrating Karwa Chauth is the endless range of karva chauth mehndi designs images. And they are not one, but multiple designs and patterns for the new age bride to the one of yesteryears.

Color is everywhere when it comes to celebrating Karva Chauth. And mehndi designs for karva chauth are such a traditional practice that no celebration of this day goes complete without dressing up and decorating hands and legs with beautiful mehndi designs.

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From intricate flower patterns to full mehndi design to hands and legs done up half, karva chauth special mehndi designs only get better and better by the day.

In fact, karwa chauth mehndi design is unique to various cultures whether it is Indian, Arabian, Pakistani, the works.

Professional-Mehndi Design by Mehndi
Source: pakfemales.com

Arabic mehendi designs are quick to apply and since the designs are fatter, the color tends to stain the arms faster.

karwa chauth mehendi design
Source: mehndidesignimages.net

What Is Indian Mehndi All About?

Lace, leafy or thin floral patterns, karva chauth mehndi designs images go from the hand upto the mid of the arm and from toes to the leg calf. Here’s a look-see at the traditional karwa chauth mehndi design that are racing up the popularity chart.

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Festive yet Trendy

This mehendi design perfectly captures the ritual followed on the day. The depiction brings out the essence of the festival and makes it the ideal design.

Karva Chauth Mehndi
Source: facebook.com/Yash-Mehandi

A lot of detailing and creativity would go into getting the perfect outline of this design, which again portrays the famous looking-at-the-moon routine.

Karva Chauth Ki Mehndi Designs
Source: trendyvids.com

This beautiful design is an example of how the wife adores her man in every possible manner.

Karva Chauth ki Mehndi
Source: facebook.com/bridalmehendiartist/

The most sought after design is a design that perfectly depicts what Karva Chauth is all about.

Mehendi Design Photos
Source: facebook.com/bridalmehendiartist/

Put on this heavy mehendi design that weaves in all aspects of the main day into it.

Simple Mehendi Design Images
Source: facebook.com/Aarti-Lalan-Mehndi-Artist-

The light and love of your life sure deserves an artistic representation of himself on your hand.

Mehnedi Design Simple
Source: instagram.com/mayuri_mehndi_artist

This beautiful design has so much oomph to it, due to the extensive designing apart from the festival design itself.

Mehndi Design Simple
Source: instagram.com/hennalounge

1. Simple Yet Sophisticated

Karva Chauth is an auspicious festival. This is one reason why married ladies and newly married ladies prefer to go to the traditional way in mehndi designs. Yes, full mehndi design is a rage in most ladies, particularly young married girls.

karva chauth Bridal Mehndi Designs
Source: mehmehndi.com

Geometrical mehendi designs with concentric rings filled with petals and flows are also a common design seen during festival occasions.

Karva Chauth henna
Source: entertainmentmesh.com
Karva Chauth Mehndi Images
Source: sheideas.com

Even if the design is maintained and the same design is replicated on the entire hand, it will look beautiful.

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karwa mehndi design
source: webneel.com

Swirls are the most common types of designs.

karva chauth mehendi two hands
source: mehandi-designs.co.in

Rajasthani mehendi designs also are seen during Karwa chauth.

mehndi designs for karva chauth
Source: Sheideas.com

2. Intricate Yet Awesome

If it’s your first Karva Chauth after your marriage, you gotta make it look stunning. Which is why, go for elaborate and beautiful mehndi designs that have more detail and depth than just simplicity.

karwa chauth mehndi designs hands
Source: karvachauthimages.in

Hands full of mehendi look very pretty on anyone and everyone.

karwa chauth special mehndi designs
Source: sheideas.com

Lengthy mehendi designs on arms, even Arabic designs look wonderful.

latest mehndi designs for hands
Source: bodyartguru.com

Couples depiction in the form of mehendi is mostly seen on new brides

Awesome karva chauth Mehndi Design for Full Hands
Source: www.weetnow.com

Couple mehendi designs with initials is also a common thing to see.

Traditional Karva Chauth Mehndi Design Pictures
Source: Sheideas.com

Those who love, take mehendi to a next level of intricacy.

karwa mehndi design full hands
Source: buzzintown.com

Lotus, brides, grooms are all part of the newly wed karwa chauth designs.

karwa chauth mehndi ideas
Source: lifenlesson.com

3. Gorgeous Hands And Feet

While getting karwa chauth mehndi design done, pay equal attention to your designer jewellery as well. The new fever is to sport beautiful floral-cum-leafy motifs with deserving jewellery too.

karva chauth special
Source: kellycaroline.com
karva chauth mehndi designs for womens
Source: facebook.com/MehndiDesigns125/

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4. Two-in-One Mehndi

Got surprised by the name? This is a bridal mehndi which has geometrical designs, curves, circles, lines and squares.

All you need to do is split a design into two. Then draw one half of mehndi design on one hand and the other half in the other hand. When you bring both the hands close to each other in a joining pattern, what comes about is a complete karwa chauth mehndi design.

Best mehndi designs for karva chauth
Source: webneel.com
indian bridal mehndi images
source: sheideas.com
karwa chauth special mehndi design
Source: wedandbeyond.com

5. Half And Half Mehndi

This karwa chauth mehndi design is half empty, half full. It means half of your hands and palms are designed in mehndi, whereas the other half is left blank. A huge hit amongst the younger women, this design seeks inspiration from Arabic mehndi.


best karva chauth mehndi designs
Source: sensod.com
karva chauth mehndi
Source: jhallidiva.com
Floral Mehndi Karwa chauth
source: sheideas.com
Back Hand Mehndi Design
source: sheideas.com

6. Palm Mehndi

Most of you are racing against time on this festival day of Karva Chauth. You can still get karva chauth mehndi designs images done up on your hands by drawing a palmful mehndi pattern. But make sure the lines are thick and dark so that despite being minimalistic, they stand out.

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Top mehndi designs for karva chauth
Source: mofongoandmasala.com
karva chauth mehndi designs images
Source: lifenlesson.com
Simple Henna Designs karva chauth
source: sheideas.com
Simple Henna Designs karva chauth
source: sheideas.com
Simple mehndi Designs karva chauth
source: mehandi-designs.co.in
palm mehndi karva chauth
source: stylesatlife.com
palm mehndi karva chauth
source: elements.envato.com

7. Mehndi Made Minimal

Sometimes even less pays rich dividends. Same is the case with mehndi designs done on Karva Chauth. Instead of drawing designs all over the hands and feet, it makes sense to go for a borderline mehndi running across the feet.

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best Mehndi Designs
Source: mehmehndi.com
karva chauth special mehndi designs for womens
Source: verstylehouse.co.uk
palm mehndi karva chauth
Source: hennabymayra.com
palm mehndi karva chauth
Source: www.beststylo.com
Mehndi Design Ideas for karva chauth
source: weddingz.in
Back and Front Hand Mehndi Designs
source: sheideas.com
Back Hand Mehndi Designs
source: weetnow.com

8. Ornamental Mehndi

When we talk about karva chauth special mehndi designs, we are referring to items such as crystals, beads and stones that can be added in order to make mehndi designs for karva chauth look sparkling and dazzling.

mehndi design
Source: entertainmentmesh.com
karwa chauth mehendi design
Source: xmetic.com
Flower Mehdni Designs for karva chauth
Source: sheideas.com
karva chauth ornamental mehendi
source: mehmehndi.com

9. For Legs

It is not just the hands that have mehendi, mehendi designs for feet are also considered very auspicious. Married women are often expected to have beautiful mehendi on feet.

mehandi designs for legs
Source: imehndidesigns.com
Mehndi Designs for Legs and Feet
Source: weddingbuzz.in
Mehndi-Designs For Full Legs
source: mehandi.net
Karva chauth Feet Mehndi
Source: weddingbuzz.in

So what karva chauth mehndi designs images are you planning to wear this year? We will be happy to hear your favourite amongst the ones shown.

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