Body Art

Piercings For Girls

“Your body is an empty canvas, so decorate”, they said. We have taken that quote on a serious note and beautify ourselves with these attractive piercings.

Piercings on women started from ages back, with the ear piercings and now seems to have taken a route that has expanded to all body parts. So what is the motive behind piercings? Unlike tattoos, piercings don’t have any deep meaning to it. They are in most cases, for the sole purpose of looking attractive or synonyms of it.

There are so many piercings that you might not even know a few were possible. Like the tongue, eyelid, chin, belly button, neck, earlobe, lip, finger, wrist piercings, there are many many types in each of them too. While the ear piercing trend has still retained its craze, the neck and the belly button piercings come in close competition.

These piercings in various body parts are not only painful but require a lot of care to make sure there are no complications in the near future. The post-care piercing routine is usually emphasized on, wherever and whenever you get the piercing done as it hold utmost importance. The tongue piercing is popular among dancers, as it gives a subtle attraction to the face and that’s how they love it.

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