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Different Body Piercings You Need To Know

by Fashionlady
Different Body Piercings

Different Body Piercings you need to Know

There are so many ways to express your own style and to stand out from everyone else. Body piercing is one of the many ways. It is a statement in itself, though a little painful. There’s a popular saying that “one person’s pain is another person’s pleasure”.

Body piercing involves a whole lot of things such as the body part being pierced, the piercer, the place where the piercing is happening and most importantly the level of piercing comfort that you have. Piercing is done mostly for fashion reasons. However, there are some who get it done to indulge in the intensity of the moment. It’s a fashion fad that some people go for in order to enhance the physical sensation. No matter the reason, piercing is here and for good.

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Piercing Procedure

Choosing an experienced piercing provider is a must. He/she should maintain proper sanitation and hygiene while piercing your body. Check out whether the piercer is abiding by these thumb rules:

  • Washing his/her hands at the start and end of the procedure
  • Cleaning and disinfecting your skin before and after piercing
  • Wearing gloves on his/her hands
  • Using sterile equipments

Types of Piercings

No doubt, it is a temptation for the younger generation which is picking up like a rage. Check out the various forms of piercings that are the next best in a fashion statement.

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1. Ear

This is the most common form of piercing that you will find across the seven seas. There are various forms of it that are worn depending on the need of the wearer – Rook, Helix, Earlobe, Lobe, Tragus, Antihelix, Industrial, Conch, Daith, Anti-tragus, Auricle, Orbital. Helix is the most stylish kind of piercings where the upper ear is punctured towards the rim. The best part about the helix ear piercing is that it has space to accommodate multiple piercings. Most women have ear piercings of different types and here are a few to get you more familiar with:

Ear Piercing

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Daith Piercing

This piercing passes through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold, the crus of the helix. Since it deals with a strong cartilage, the healing time is about 3-6 months but exudes a unique look that is beautiful. The captive bead ring is the most preferred earring style to flaunt this piercing.

Ear Piercing Studs

Tragus Piercing

The tragus ear region is easy to pierce and not-so-painful comparatively. The tragus region is the little triangle cartilage that connects your ear to your face. With all sorts of cool studs and earrings available for the tragus, the tragus piercings are in a rage. The healing period just needs to be done hygienically to avoid infection. Make sure your tragus isn’t too small, only then get it pierced. A very small tragus could pose a problem if pierced.

Ear Piercings

Scaffold/Industrial Piercing

This isn’t so famous as yet but is quite a click if you could carry it off well with the right piece of jewelry. Industrial Piercing is any two pierced holes in your ear connected with a single straight piece of jewellery. During the healing period, barbell jewellery needs to be worn. Clean your piercing regularly.

Ear Piercing Names

Helix Piercing

The helix piercing refers to the piercing of the upper ear cartilage to insert a jewellery piece. This piercing is known to be super stylish in the less pain category of ear piercings. The healing period is 6 months or more according to your care after the piercing.

Piercings for Girls

2. Nose


Nose piercings are the next in common forms of piercing. Conventional nostril piercing is recommended for first-time nose piercers and is done either on the left or right nostril. There are various options to choose – from a stud, a cuff to a nose ring. It is hard to think that nose piercings also have types right? See how experimental you could get with your nose.

Nose Piercing

Nostril Piercing

These piercings are hands down the simplest nose piercings, whether on the right or left nostril. Since they don’t deal with cartilages, a variety of rings or studs could be inserted with ease. This piercing adds the much needed charm to one’s face.

Nostril Piercing for Girls

High Nostril Piercing

There are some who go for high nostril piercing which is done where the nostril bone ends. Due to its location, the jewellery that can be worn for this piercing is limited to studs and L-shaped pins mostly. It is difficult to pierce this region due to the numerous cartilages present there.

Nostril Piercing

Septum Piercing

Then there is septum piercing. It is very experimental in nature and stands out for the horseshoe nose ring encircling both the nostrils. The septum piercing is the most sought after piercing in the nose family and stands ahead. Exuding regal vibes through this nose piercing, the type of jewellery for this piercing can be a wide range. Although most preferably gauges, circular barbells, and captive bead rings.

Septum Piercing Jewelry

Bridge Piercing

These piercings do not puncture your cartilage or your bone. The most care needs to be taken while piercing the hole. The bridge piercing virtually bridges the gap between the nose. If you wear glasses, then avoid bridge piercing as that will be a hindrance to your wearing spectacles.The jewellery corresponding to this piercing is mostly curved and circular barbells. Straight barbells are not advised.

Nose Piercings

Tip Piercing

There is the vertical nose tip piercing too that runs through the tip of your nose (which is why it is called rhino piercing too). Due to the structure of the nose, this piercing is limited mostly only to curved barbells.

Piercings for Girl

Nasallang Piercing

On the outlook, this piercing seems simple, but it goes through an intense piercing procedure. The nasallang is low on both nostrils as well as septum where it’s pierced. The nasallang piercing combines the left, right and septum bringing you the benefit of three piercings at once.

Nose Piercing


Lip piercings happen to be more than the ear piercings. There are single piercings done on the lower lip and one in pairs which are called bites (even though there are lip piercings). As in all cases, there are exceptions in lip piercing such as vampire bites and venom bites. The most popular lip piercing has been the Marilyn Monroe inspired offset labret piercing.

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Lip Piercing


3. Eyebrow

This type of body piercing is unisex in appeal as this kind of body jewelry does not change with the genders. That is why you will see both men and women sport the same types of piercings such as spikes, barbells and metal bead studs. A simple stud or barbell arranged in a vertical position across the outer eyebrow portion is the common type of eyebrow piercing.

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Eyebrow Piercing

5. Facial

This is divided into two types of piercings – cheek and chin.

Chin piercing

The healing time for chin piercing done on the chin varies from person to person. Studs are the most common form of chin piercing.

Cheek piercing

This type bears fake resemblance with a dimple and can be done on both the cheeks (takes 6 to 8 weeks for healing).

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Facial Piercing

6. Naval

Naval piercing has come around as a popular body art that oozes sexuality. It was prominent among the ancient Egyptians at one point of time. Different types of belly button piercing being practiced today include horizontal navel, reverse, true and fake navel piercing.

Naval Piercing

Start thinking now which of the piercings shown above come close to your fancy. After all, this is fashion at its piercing best!

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