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Septum Piercing Is The Next Crazy Trend That’s Taking Over

by Fashionlady
Septum Piercing

Septum Piercing

When your favorite girls right from Rihanna to Elie Goulding are rocking the septum ring, be it real or false, it’s safe to infer that septum piercing is going to be the next big thing in the world of fashion. Or shall I just say that it is already having a moment now. Just in case the artificial septum ring like Rihanna isn’t working for you, and you are considering taking the plunge and getting a real septum piercing let’s take you through all the critical intel. It isn’t an easy play to get a piercing in the middle of your nostrils, you better know what is a septum piercing and information you might need.

Getting a Septum Piercing

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Let’s get into some FAQ’s on what is a septum piercing and more

What Is a Septum Piercing

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1. How Bad Does a Septum Piercing Hurt?

A piercing involves breaking the skin. So, we will be lying if we say getting a septum piercing won’t be hurting at all. People who have it done say that it does pain a little more than the regular nose piercing. It might feel like a sneeze or like someone hit you pretty hard on the nose. Your eyes will water for a few seconds too. The intensity of the pain, just like threading, depends of the expertise of the one performing the task.

2. How Long Is Healing Process?

Now this one depends on your body. Every person heals differently. But in most cases the healing process has extended from six to eight weeks. It is advised that the jewelry should not be teased or changed before that.

3. What After Care Process To Follow?

The aftercare routine is pretty simple. Just don’t bother it much, leave it alone. Sanitize your hands before touching it, if you have to flip the direction of the jewelry, soak it with warm water for a minute or two and turn it gently. Use an anti-bacterial soap to clean it at least twice a day for the first three weeks.

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4. And What About Removal?

What if you grow bored of your septum piercing or if it falls out of fashion and you want to remove it for good?

Well, you can. Just remove the ring and the piercing will close itself gradually. The longer you have worn the jewelry and more time it will take to close. Due to the inconspicuous location, it won’t leave a visible scar.

Removing septum piercing

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5. What Are The Types Of Septum Piercing Jewelry?

Most people pick rings to accessorize septum piercing. The infinity rings can also be tried. Gold is in trend right now, also because of its non-reactive property in the sensitive location. Those who need to follow a formal dress code in office may go for subtle studs. Little flower studs or tiny diamonds are also a great option for septum piercing.

Types Of Septum Piercing

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Some Pros And Cons Of Getting A Septum Piercing –


  • Because Septum piercings can be hidden easily, it’s perfect for those, whose work places have strict dress codes.
  • Contrary to common belief, septum piercing looks good on any nose shape.
  • It goes with traditional as well as contemporary clothing.
  • Unlike tattoos, Septum piercing is not permanent. If you are not feeling it, you can remove it easily.
  • It is rarer than regular nose piercing which makes it unique.
Septum Piercing Ideas

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  • Aftercare can be a hassle as the piercing is inside your nose. It can be a task to clean boogers off the jewelry all the time.
  • There is a little bit of pain and crying that comes with it.
  • Piercings anyway have a stigma attached to them, the septum piercing can’t escape that either. So, stay prepared to be judged.
  • If you do not clean the jewelry regularly or take proper sanitary measures, the piece might start to stink and you will be the one suffering the stench more because the source of the stench is right there inside your nose.
  • Cleaning your piercing and jewelry can be quite sore and will make your eyes water. Especially if you allow crust to form, as you will have to get it off!
How Bad Does a Septum Piercing Hurt

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