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Chic Belly Piercing Styles and Options to Flaunt NOW!

by Fashionlady
Belly Piercing

Belly Piercing

Belly piercing or navel button piercing is a very sensual form of art to flaunt your fashion sense, and no questions about it. If you have a well toned to a washboard abdomen to flaunt, you could get your navel pierced and wear them with a range of fashionable mid drift ensembles too.


Types of belly button piercings

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Madonna Showed Us a Style

Back in the 1990s, pop star and diva Madonna showed us how to wear belly piercings in chic ways, and the vogue caught on from then. But the navel piercing act isn’t new-age fashion as such. If you take a look into the records of the Egyptian scrolls, you would find relics and heliographs that talk about bellies pierced. The pharaohs were known to pierce their bellies, women and the younger men especially, to flaunt a status symbol when in public.

Madonna belly piercing

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Dream Catcher Belly Piercing

During the 1950s feminism revolution, belly piercing was at its heights. It wasn’t just about the bra burning scenario only, but women went full throttle with chic body art and pierces, to prove a point on equality! But remember, it isn’t your BELLY as such that gets pierced, but the skin that surrounds the belly.

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Dream Catcher Belly Piercing

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A Few Ways And Styles To Flaunt

When you have made up your mind to get belly button piercings done, we would like to further help you find the right style. Here are some of the options you could ponder over and try out.

Belly piercing styles

Source: alicdn.com

The Upper Vertical Navel Piercing

Very common as one of the popular types of belly button piercings, the upper navel vertical pierce is for the first timers who want less ouch and pinch, and more of style. The piercing here would be placed at the rim or the upper ridge of the belly button skin.

Types of belly piercing

Source: bodyjewelry.com

The Reverse Navel Piercing

As the name suggests, the reverse navel pierce is opposite to that of the vertical navel pierce. This is a style where the bottom ridge is pierced in the navel and can be worn in various ways to flaunt a fashion sense.

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Names of piercings

Source: piercingideas.co

The Double Navel Piercing

There are PYTs who love piercing both rims of the navel or the belly button, and that’s why the name!

Double Navel Piercing

Source: piercingideas.co

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Horizontal Navel Piercing

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The Multi Navel Piercings

In the multi navel pierce, the rim would be pinched and poked many times to accommodate more than one piercing. There is a reasonable amount of space between the pierces, so as to allow the skin to heal and no infection should set in it.

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Multi Navel Piercings

Source: piercingtime.com

The Curved Barbell

Also known as the banana bell pierce, because of the shape it forms, the curved barbell is for those who have a very shallow navel or a flat stomach.

Source: youtube.com

Source: youtube.com

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The J-Bar

The J-bar style is much on the same lines of the curved barbell belly pierce, but with a twist at the lower portion of the rim, and not on the curve.

Curved barbell belly pierce

Source: tumblr.com

The Teardrop Captive Bead Ring

With the help of a captive beaded ring that’s round, the bead would be pierced into the belly with the pointed side resting outwards and the bar would be curved into the shape of D. One has to be very careful while trying out this style, since more skin tissue would be poked into, so that the captive teardrop bead ring is placed properly.

Teardrop Captive Bead Ring

Source: etsystatic.com

The Semi-Captive Bead Ring

There are types of belly piercing which have deep and very well-defined rims and navel pinches, worn with round captive rings. The rings cannot be too small or too big, and cannot be switched on to something else at a later stage. The lower ball of the captive ring sits pretty on the navel depth quite deep and can be a cause of pain and discomfort later. Hence, this is a style that isn’t suitable for the weak or the novice!

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Semi-Captive Bead Ring

Source: lowcountryps.com

We hope you found this post on belly piercings informative enough and the names of piercings too. If you have done belly piercings in the past, do let us know your experience and where you found a professional to do one as well!

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