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40 Cute Clip-On Belly Button Rings

by Fashionlady
30 Cute Clip On Belly Button Rings

30 Cute Clip On Belly Button Rings
Ever wondered if you can rock a belly button, but held yourself back because you are scared of piercings and the pain? Then the clip-on belly button rings are the answer to your prayers. With no piercing and no worry of blood and pain, these are the coolest accessories that you can flaunt.

Clip on belly button rings come with a clasp that allows you to clip them onto your skin. It does not pain and looks super cool dangling from your belly button.

Here are some cute designs for you to choose from.

Floral Clip-on Belly Button rings

With the crop-top fashion came back the belly button rings style in great swing. Giving room to flaunt the flat belly and add more bling, this style is quite raging. Skim through the floral styles for an idea and we are sure you will eventually end up with a great belly button piercing.

1. The Rose Ring

A cute little rose belly button ring with a clasp and a stud on top to make it look authentic. This cute ring is for girls who love flowers (who deosn’t?) and floral designs.

Rose ring

Source: pinimg.com

2. Flower With Leaves And Stem Ring

This is a short diamond flower belly button ring for your delight.

 Flower with leaves and stem ring

Source: jobananas.com

3. Lotus And Jade Ring

Lotus and jade ring

Source: pinimg.com

4. Leaf Ring

This white gold belly button ring will get you all the attention with its sparkle. If you are a nature lover, or would like to wear a symbol of achievement or dream, this is the right choice.

Leaf Ring

Source: shopify.com

5. Butterfly and flower ring

Check out this symbol of co-existence and inter-dependency.

Butterfly and flower ring

Source: jobananas.com

Animal Pattern Navel Rings

If you are an animal lover, show your support with these cute animal designs.

6. Owl Ring

If you are more of a night bird, go with this owl style navel ring.

Owl ring

Source: supadupa.me

7. Kitten Ring


Kitten ring

Source: supadupa.me

Starfish ring

Source: wanelo.com

10. Seahorse Ring

The belly button rings, either by piercing or by clipping on, alters the look. The seahorse pattern here looks attractive and tempting.

Seahorse Ring

Source: pinterest.com

11. Dolphin Ring

This bejeweled silver belly button ring is worth melting for. The cutesy dolphin has won our heart, what about yours?

Dolphin ring

Source: pinterest.com

12. Gold Fox Ring

This is one of the cute unique belly button rings, don’t you agree? Dangle it right on your navel and let the crowd wonder your traits.

Gold Fox Ring

Source: pinterest.com

Maternity Belly Button Rings

If you already have your belly button pierced and the good news is on its way, flaunt your baby bump with these styles-

13. Pregnancy Ring

Pregnancy belly button rings are becoming increasingly popular. They are ideal for showing off your baby bump, and come in many super cute designs.

Pregnancy ring

Source: shopify.com

Symbols And Charms

14. The Dream Catcher Ring

How about this cute dream catcher clip-on ring? It is quite a unique belly button ring and will look super cool when worn with crop tops that bare your abs.

Dream Catcher ring

Source: ytimg.com

15. The Music Ring

This is perfect if you are a musician or singer or simply if you love music. The symbol dangles from your belly button, looking cute and intriguing at the same time.

Music ring

Source: etsystatic.com

16. The Snowflake Ring

Perfect for the Christmas season, this adorable snowflake clip on belly button will sure get you into the festive mood.

Snowflake ring

Source: bodycandy.com

17. Custom-made Ring

You can also have a custom-made belly button ring to reflect a design that is uniquely yours. For instance, you can have a belly button ring made with your wedding date. How cute would that be?

18. Louis Vuitton Ring

Flaunt a LV logo belly button ring if you love the brand and want to show it.

Louis Vuitton ring

Source: wheretoget.it

19. Best Friends rings

You and your best friend can clip on a best friend belly button ring. It comes as one design split up into two, with you wearing one part of it and your best friend wearing the other.

Best Friends rings

Source: aliimg.com

Here are some other cute clip-on belly button rings:

20. Tribal Motif Ring

Go boho with the tribal pattern belly button ring.

Tribal motif ring

Source: amazonaws.com

21. Stars Ring

Stars ring

Source: polyvore.com

22. Star Cluster Ring

Like the sound of a cluster? Then pin this belly button and get noticed.

Star cluster ring

Source: pinimg.com

23. Gems And Crystals Ring

It’s a nice style of wearing your birthstone or gem stones that you like.

Gems and crystals ring

Source: googleusercontent.com

24. Multi-gem Dangler Ring

The multi-gem dangler will complement every color of outfit that you don.

Multi gem dangler ring

Source: spencersonline.com

25. Bow Ring

This is a classy style of belly button ring.

Bow ring

Source: body-jewelry-shop.com

26. Lucky Clover Ring

Feeling lucky? Clip on this stunning silver piece to your navel and flaunt those toned abs.

Lucky clover ring

Source: body-jewelry-shop.com

27. Bead Ring

Want to keep it simple? Add a beaded ring in the color of your taste.

Bead ring

Source: body-jewelry-shop.com

28. Ethnic Motif Ring

If you are more into traditions and would like to dress up in ethnic apparel, go with this belly button that will flow along with the outfits.

Ethnic motif ring

Source: bodycandy.com

29. Plain Ring

Plain ring

Source: claires.co.uk

30. Celtic Design Rring

Celtic design ring

Source: pinimg.com

31. Slipper Ring

Slipper erring

Source: pinimg.com

32. Pineapple Ring

Make your look more colorful and fruitful with this pineapple belly button clip-on jewelry. Spring in this fashionable style and display all positive signs of friendship, loyalty, warmth and welcome.

Pineapple Ring

Source: pinterest.com

33. Bullet Ring

This one bold country style belly button ring. Shoot this style right at the navel and grab all the attention.

Bullet ring

Source: pinterest.com

34. Breast Cancer Awareness Ring

Breast cancer awareness ring

35. Pentagram Ring

Pentagram ring

Source: pinimg.com

36. Glow In The Dark Beads Ring

Party nights will turn out to be fun with this glowing clip-on belly button ring.

Glow in the dark beads ring

Source: body-jewelry-shop.com

37. Anchor Dangle Ring

This clip-on navel jewelry is worth a shot. If you are in tune with yourself and hold strength in staying rooted to your values, this dangle belly button ring is the right pick.

 Anchor Dangle ring

Source: pinterest.com

38. Crescent Ring

It’s amazing to know the wide range of belly button jewelry options, isn’t it? One such navel ring that we found adorable is the crescent moon style. Promoting growth and creativity, this symbol greatly signifies the belief in astronomy.

Crescent Ring

Source: odaat.org

39. Crown Rring

Get bossy, look queenly with one of this stainless steel crown belly button rings.

Crown Ring

Source: piercingmodels.com

40. Evil Eye Ring

Perfect for those who fear bad eyeing and jealousy stares. Clip on one of these navel rings and drive away the negative forces.

Evil Eye Ring

Source: etsy.com

Quick tips: Make sure your tummy is taut and firm if you’re planning to wear a belly button ring. Flaunting your pregnancy baby bump is cute, but flaunting your food and flab bump is so not okay. So do some crunches and keep your tummy tucked in when wearing a belly button ring. Avoid pulling your belly button rings; even though they are clip-on rings, they might still tear the skin if handled too harshly. Also, always remove your ring before you step into the shower; you don’t want your belly button area to accumulate dirt because you failed to remove it while having your bath.

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