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Time To Customize Your Denims – Pants, Skirt And Jacket

by Fashionlady
Customize Your Denim Outfits

This video is a take on customizing three denim outfits. You get to learn how to distress jeans, jacket and skirt. It is really easy to design. These three denim outfits can be worn for any occasion. With customization, one can do anything with the denims actually. Think about cool ideas such as ripped, frayed, torn, patches, etc.

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Use scissors to cut off the denim precisely. For fraying the knee area better, use marker to highlight the area. Then decide on whether you want to do it on both knee sides. Use sandpaper for final touch.


Check out the video for more and read on to know the step by step instructions on how to customize the three denim outfits.

Denim Jeans

Let’s start with this easy to do DIY jeans customization. Instead of splurging on new jeans, how about you recycle old jeans and give them a new life?

  • First step in this DIY denims is to gather all the tools required like scissors, sandpaper and unpicker.
  • Next step in creating the perfect recycled jeans is to unpick the hems from the side of the middle and the bottom. Now you can use the unpicker on the bottom hems, however the side hems are difficult so you can just cut it with the help of scissors.
  • Once done, iron your denims.
  • For DIY ripped jeans, you need to make a mark where you want to distress it. Then make a small cut with the scissors as per the markings, and use the sandpaper to fray the edges.
  • Your DIY distressed jeans are ready.

Denim Skirt

Try this cute method to recycle denim skirts and you are sure to gather a fan following. The main accessory that you would need is patches or badges. You can also use this method to make a patched denim jacket.

  • Start by picking up your favorite iron on patches that you would like to show off on your denim skirt. Because there are tons of badges available, you can bring out your creativity and show off your individualistic style.
  • Place the skirt on a flat surface ensuring that there are no creases.
  • Place your patches wherever you want to on the skirt and give it a gentle press with your hands.
  • Now, use a tea towel and place it over the patches and then iron it out.
  • That’s it. Your recycled, customized denim skirt is ready.
  • In this video, the patches are done only at the front of the skirt, but you can place them wherever you want and however you want. It’s all about showing off your funky and cool style to the world.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a staple wardrobe item found in every girl’s closet. If you want your denim jacket to stand out in the crowd, then the best way is to customize it. We have already showed you how to customize a denim jacket with badges. Let’s look at another cool customization that you can try out!

  • For this DIY denim jacket project, you would need some jewels, glitter, paint and fabric marker.
  • The only thing you need to keep in mind while deciding on how to customize your denim jacket is to make sure that it represents your likes and dislikes. Individualism is the key to the perfect DIY denim jacket.
  • You can either pick up a distressed denim jacket or your regular jacket. Use the fabric marker to print out or illustrate your designs.
  • Once the design is ready, use the white paint and other colorful paints to bring your designs to life.
  • After painting your design, you can add some glitter too if you want and then with a black fabric marker, just outline the design so that the lines are all clear and visible.
  • There you have it. Your very own customized distressed denim jacket.

Enjoy watching the video and do share the images and videos of your customized denim outfits.

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