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Snake Bites Piercing: Get All Your Info Here!

by Fashionlady
Lip Piercing Snake Bites

Snake Bites Piercing

A snake bites piercing, as the name suggests looks just like snake bites and involves piercing your tongue or lips with two equidistant piercings. Each piercing mirrors the other and you can wear studs or rings on your piercings, depending on their choice. Snake bites piercings are also very popular with people who follow an emo style of dressing. It’s one of their pet accessories. But even if you do not want to dress up emo, you can still rock snake bites piercing. Read all about this particular kind of piercing below:

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Where Should You Get This Piercing?

Snake bites piercing is either done on the lips or your tongue and these two areas are extremely sensitive. They require precision as well as expertise and you should always go to a good parlour to get it done. Also, make sure the piercer aligns the dots carefully before getting the piercing done. You don’t want piercings that look weird right, and that too at such sensitive areas.

Vertical Snake Bites Piercing

Source: bodypiercingmag.com

How Much Do Snake Bites Piercings Pain?

Actually, not much at all! In fact, the only reason you might feel a little more pain is because of the fact that you are getting two piercings done at once. Otherwise, there is no reason to feel pain at all! You might also experience a little bleeding, but if you are at a good and professional place, this won’t be a problem at all!

Snake Bites Piercing Jewelry

Source: askideas.com

Snake Bites Piercing Aftercare

The aftercare involved in any piercing is the same, however, for this one you will have to be careful because they remain wet almost the entire time (You have saliva inside your mouth and you have to eat too). Make sure you rinse your mouth with salt water after every meal. You should also wash your piercing with mild soap and water when you go for a bath. Alcohol, cigarettes and spicy food are terrible, not only for your tummy but for your piercing too. Try and avoid them as far as possible. Unless your piercer asks you, do not try and remove the jewelry yourself. For the piercing to heal well, it might take up to 2-4 months, so you should practice utmost care.


Septum Piercing And Snake Bites

Source: piercingtime.com

Different kinds of Snake Bites Piercings

The avenues are huge for snakes bites piercings and you can have many different kinds. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Single Side Piercing

This one involves getting two piercings on one side.

Fake Snake Bites Piercing

Source: justpiercings.com

Snake Bite Piercing Tongue

Even more difficult to heal, the snake bites on the tongue are also known as venom bites and involve the two piercings on the tongue. You can either wear studs or rings on the piercings. Mind you, the tongue piercings take even longer to heal and without proper care, you may end up having many complications and difficult infections.

Snake Bites Piercing Tongue

Source: expressyourselftattoos.com

There are as many types and variations of snake bites piercings as you can think of and you can actually express yourself using these. Check out the below pictures for some inspiration. The only important thing while getting such a piercing is to get it from a professional.

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A snake bite piercing with a twist- instead of getting two on the sides of her lips, this model sports a vertical snake bites piercing:

Another model sports her snake bites with a dimple piercing and a septum piercing too:

How To Hide Snake Bites Piercing

Source: wordpress.com

Last but not the least, check this one out:

Snake Bites Piercing Rings Or Studs

Source: etsy.com

In case you haven’t noticed yet, this piercing is actually a fake one, and if you do not want to get one yourself, you always have these fake ones which look as good as the real deal! Happy piercing y’all!

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