10 Best Lip Balms In India


Lip Balms in India

Most of us wouldn’t want to wear lip gloss or lipstick over chapped and dry lips, simply because the crevices and cracks would contain the chemicals or sediments of the cosmetic, leading to further infection and slower healing. However, would it be possible for us to leave our lips bare and to go out as well? The answer is NO! You may apply a coat of Vaseline to begin with and then a shade of lipstick, but even that may not last long. So here’s a solution, there are lip balms in India that help keep the gloss intact with a neutral touch, whilst hydrating and protecting the lips too.

Let’s take a look at the best of lip balms in India that work wonders for our dry and chapped lips. Our aim is to bring back those smiles, sans the embarrassment of cracked lips or painful ones to flaunt. So, here is the top lip balms in India that are the most wanted right now.

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Product NameBrandPriceBuy Now
MAC Tinted Lip ConditionerM.A.C.Rs. 1000
Body Shop – BORN LIPPY™ STICK LIP BALMThe Body ShopRs. 395Buy Now
Maybelline Bloom Color Changing Lip BalmMaybellineRs. 157Buy Now
Nivea Lip ButterNiveaRs. 1099Buy Now
Lakme Lip Love Lip CareLakmeRs. 200.00Buy Now
L’Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm StickL’OccitaneRs. 900Buy Now
Maybelline Baby LipsMaybellineRs. 145.00Buy Now
LUSH – None Of Your BeeswaxLushRs. 860
EOS Lemon Drop LipBalm SphereEOSRs. 765Buy Now
Shahnaz Husain – Shashine LipBalmShahnaz HusainRs. 300Buy Now


1. MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner

Protect your lips with a touch of SPF 15 every time you wear the MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner, whether you just stay home or go out to work. The colour topping is mild with au naturale sheen to flaunt, making it one of the best lip balms in India, which has vitamins, wheat germ oil, avocado and shea butter extracts and almond oil that helps with a smooth supple touch.

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The Born Lippy Stick Lip Balm isn’t called a bohemian lip protector for nothing. With plenty of moisture that it gives to the lips with a subtle hint of shine too, the lip balm helps condition the skin of the lips with a fruity flavor and moisturizes the surface all day long as well.

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3. Maybelline Bloom Color Changing Lip Balm

Dazzle like a diva in the pinkest of lips, spreading your smiles wherever you go wearing the Maybelline Bloom Color Changing Lip Balm – Pink Blossom Strawberry. With SPF 15 to its name and plenty of moisture bestowed in the product, one wouldn’t have to worry about the glossy diva look to achieve, which is easy. In addition to that, the lip balm is long lasting, keeping your lips smooth and delectable for the party all night.

Best lip balms in India
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4. Nivea Lip Butter

Nutty, buttery, flavored and a lipcare that moistens the lips with a sensual touch, Nivea Lip Butter Cocoa Lip Balm formulated with Hydra IQ provides intensive formula, almond oil and shea butter, protects the lips from going dry and chapped as the winds blow harsh and cold. The formula is an intensive one that makes lips softer with every use, and protects them from the UV rays of the sun too.

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5. Lakme Lip Love Lip Care

Another of the many best lip balms available in India would be the Lakme Lip love Care – Strawberry lip balm. The product is filled with SPF 15 to keep the lips safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun, effectively heals dry and chapped lip skin, nourishes the lips and keeps it in good health all through the wintry days. Moisture content is restored and retained, and a soft pink touch is given to lips at every use too.

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6. L’OCCITANE Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick

L’OCCITANE Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick is one of the best lip balms for chapped and dry skin, since it helps bring back moisture and nourishments to the ever so dry winter lips. In addition to that, the lips are kept protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun, pollution, dirt and grime too. Readily absorbed by the skin, the lip balm is light on the lips and provides a nude touch for makeup sake.

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7. Maybelline Baby Lips

Renew those lips with a touch of SPF 16 and keep them moistened and hydrated all through the winter months. What you need is a lip balm such as Maybelline to bring back the sensual touch and the much needed nourishment for the baby soft lips that have gone dry, which is what exactly this balm would do.

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8. LUSH – None Of Your Beeswax

Their caption itself shows how this is not of beeswax but of an ingredient called carnauba wax, which is an excellent mositurizer along with its other ingrdients like coconut oil and murmuru better. If you’ve got dry, chapped lips or need some extra care in the winter months, this is your best buy.

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9. EOS Lemon Drop LipBalm Sphere

This lipbalm has natural oils that condition your lips and also Vitamin E, which can restore your lips to its best state. An additional feature of this lipbalm is it has a SPF 15 factor to sheild those lips, because unlike skin, lips do not possess any natural sheilding factors in them. Buy this ASAP!

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10. Shahnaz Husain – Shashine LipBalm

This brand is known to every girl who is into makeup in India, and definitely knows the worth of these products. This lapbalm has herbal ingredients, so natural prevent the dry and greasy look too. For daily use, this is your go-to balm.

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Here were seven of the best and most revered lip balms available at the moment in India. And we hope this brings about an answer to most queries with regard to lip care and lip balm qualities. Do you want to add to this list of what is the best lip balm in India? Do write in!


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