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How to Get the Wet Hair Look: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Fashionlady
How To Get Wet Hair Look

How To Get Wet Hair Look

Kim Kardashian wears it wet and many other celebrities at the Academy Awards this time sported the wet look too- it is now your turn to wear the hair wet. There are simple ways on how to get wet hair look and to manage it all day long- even at work too, sitting under the air conditioner and not catching the flu. If you thought you had to mist spray the hair to keep it looking wet all day long, you were wrong. Breaking the shackles here, when you are at an office after party and would want to flaunt the wet look from morning till late night, here’s what you have to do to learn how to get wet hair look.

Simple And Easy Trick To Having Wet Hair All Day

The trick to having wet hair all day isn’t etched in fashion scrolls or stones per se- here’s a mini tutorial on how to get the wet hair divaish look- read on!


  1. The hair needs to be prepped uproot to tip with a lightweight oil.
  2. Spray the oil mixed with water first all over the hair (1:1) and then with your fingertips rub the hair
  3. Scoop a little mousse in your palms and then with a comb, comb the mousse into the hair from mid-length to the tip of the hair
  4. Use a little styling gel to set the look and keep the hair in place
  5. Take a blow dryer and blow the hair smooth, allowing none of the strands to fall on the face
  6. When ninety percent of your hair is dry, with your fingers strand out the hair and then use a flat iron with two-inch sections per strand.
  7. Start with the stranding, from the neck upwards to the crown section of the hair
  8. Complete the look by brushing the hair back from the hairline with your comb, and lock it at the nape of your neck
  9. Use a generous amount of hairspray here to set the hair
  10. Give the crown of the head a dab with your palm

You are now ready to flaunt the wet hair look

Trick To Having Wet Hair All Day

Source: modamadison.com

Styles To Wear With Wet Hair

The ace wet hair look is very popular with Hollywood celebrities these days, so here are a couple of photos of Hollywood divas wearing the wet hair look with gorgeous evening gowns and cocktail dresses.

Wet Hair Look Tutorial

Source: special-hairstyles.com

Kendall Jenner

She wore the wet hair look at various red carpet events and on the runways many times this year, and looked super hot in it as well. Kendall balanced the look with very natural makeup and nude lips most of the times.

Kendall Jenner Wet Hair

Source: popcrush.com

Emma Watson

Emma has features that are well-defined, which is why her hairdresser gave her a sleek low bun that was parted sideways. The look came across as regal and clean with dark smokey eyes and very natural makeup.

Emma Watson Wet Hair

Source: thehollywoodgossip.com

The sleek wet hair look is doing the rounds abroad, but we still have to see its sensuality pour into the domains of the Indian fashion scene. It was first a style used only by the fashion models and for runways only, but now it is a trend that is being worn almost everywhere.

Wet Hair Look For Short Hair

Source: glamour.com

The mini wet hair look tutorial we’ve shown you is the out-of-the-shower type of look which makes things exciting when worn for formal events. It is a look that breaks stereotypical hair statements and brings back the sexy tone to a boring event too.

Wet Curly Hair Look

Source: glamour.com

Which Wet Hair Look Products To Use?

Here are a couple of names and brands that are available online to buy, which helps with achieving the wet hair look.

Toni And Guy Moisturising Shine Spray

For all hair types and a formula that isn’t greasy too, this is a product that brings the sleek wet sexy smoothness you want with shine and finesse

Wet Hair Look Products

Source: birdsandbeez.nl

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