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Visual Fragrance – Could It Be The Next Big Perfume Trend?

by Fashionlady
Visual fragrance for woman

Visual fragrance

Can a perfume ever be seen? Can it double up as body art? Is all this possible? Or just a stroke of imagination? Innovation knows no limit. That is what the cosmetics brand Amkiri chose to get the world’s first VISUAL FRAGRANCE technology out.

Visual fragrance trends

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According to the announcement made by Israel based cosmetics company Amkiri, it has developed and patented a scented “ink” infused with fragrance. Call it a new way to appeal to the consumers.

This scented ink is a cream-like product to be applied to the skin using specific applicators. The scented “ink” infused with fragrance lets the wearers create colorful body art while anointing themselves with a perfume, which as per the brand lasts for up to 12 hours. The patented technology can carry any fragrance or color.

Infused with fragrance

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Who is the brain behind this visual fragrance technology?

It is the combined efforts of designer Shoval Shavit, entrepreneur David Chissick, and chemistry expert Aliza Shavit.

Said Shoval Shavit “As a designer, and a very visual and expressive person, I initially came up with the notion of Amkiri for my own personal needs. I asked myself how I could create a fragrance that is visual? I wanted to blend makeup, tattoos, and fragrances in one product.”

Fragrance technology

Source: premiumbeautynews.com

Is this scented “ink” infused with fragrance the end of visual fragrance presentation from Amkiri? No, it is set to launch a completely new selection of products in May, with further releases coming up later in the year.

In terms of fragrance formats, there are certain cosmetic brands that have been truly innovative. In February, the cult label Glossier launched a consolidated version of its “You” scent. In the spring of last year, designer Derek Lam re-launched his “10 Crosby” perfume line as a series of twist-up wax fragrance sticks, whereas Maison Margiela’s portfolio included a dry body oil. Therefore, the visual fragrance technology is beginning to show its colors in new and innovative ways.


At the LuxePack Monaco 2017, many latest innovations were showcased. Some suppliers of packaging solutions came up with applicators that allowed to handwrite fragrances on the skin. Another challenge was to make the fragrances visible and compatible with a wide variety of colors, an innovation that Amkiri achieved.

How kicked are you with the concept of visual fragrance? Find it new and futuristic? Or more? Share your take on it in the comments box below.


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