30 Ways to Dress Your Ears


30 ways to dress your ears
When Emma Watson wore those ear cuffs, she literally broke the internet. Her stylish, yet exquisite ear cuffs inflated her fan-following even more. Celebs are the best people to take fashion cues from and if you want to wear earrings in style, read on to know more!

1. Cuffs are here to stay!

The latest trend right now is the ear cuff. From dazzling diamonds to pearls, cuffs come in all sizes and shapes and can really transform your look. What’s more, they perfectly blend in with almost any outfit! Add a twist to your look by donning a golden cuff like Sonam Kapoor:

Cuffs are here to stay
Source: bollywoodshaadis.com

2. Cuff Royale:

For that royal and elegant look, these rhinestone cuffs are perfect. Match your ensemble with these and you don’t even need any other piece of jewelery!

Cuff Royale
Source: luckymag.com

3. Sci-fi cuffs:

Asymmetrical and eccentric, mythical animal cuffs are too good to be true. Spotted on Elle Fanning, this fierce look is sure to turn heads!

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Sci fi cuffs
Source: teenvogue.com

4. Chain your cuffs:

Though it may seem a little difficult to wear, it is actually very easy to pull it off.

Chain your cuffs
Source: teenvogue.com

5. Stack ‘em up:

Little, golden cuffs stacked up can really bring out a subtle look. Team it up with a daring lip colour and you are good to go!

6. Bohemian Chic:

Casual cuffs can go a long way in accentuating a Bohemian look. If you are in no mood for some chunky jewelry, then simple ear cuffs can accentuate your Boho look.

7. Edgy and Rad:

Cara Delevingne is known for her edgy look. Spotted on the red carpet, Cara rocks her faux-undercut teamed off with two Genevieve Jones cuffs.

Edgy and Rad
Source: teenvogue.com

8. Clip-on Cuffs:

For those who scream at the sight of needles, this is just the type you can wear. No piercing needed, just clip it on to your ear!

Clip on Cuffs
Source: etsystatic.com

9. Ear Crawlers:

Yes, the name sounds a tad creepy, but this trend is currently making rounds in the fashion world. They are the smaller versions of a ear cuff and are perfect for daily wear.

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Ear Crawlers
Source: luckymag.com

10. Vintage Style Earrings:

Vintage is back with a bang. Time to raid your grandmother’s closet and pick out the best vintage earrings!

Vintage Style Earrings
Source: amazonaws.com

11. Mono Earrings:

The single strand is often long and has a hanging pearl or a precious stone. Usually looks good with feminine attire.

Mono Earrings
Source: whowhatwear.com

12. Diamond dazzlers:

Diamonds are forever, and a girl’s best friend. You can dress up your ears in all kinds of diamond earrings including hoops, chandeliers and cuffs.

13. Stud Earrings:

These are the smallest and the most popular designs among all. You can wear them with any kind of dress and even with jeans and T-shirt. The classic design is a favourite with everyone!

Stud Earrings
Source: tradeget.com

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14. Chandeliers:

For that feminine and regal look, don’t forget to pair your outfit with chandelier earrings. The intricate dangling earrings go with most looks and can look beautiful when teamed with lighter and brighter colours.

Ear Wire
Source: ell.h-cdn.co

17. Wrap-around cuff:

Unlike the ear cuff which may go from the front of the ear, this one goes way back. These are the perfect earrings for a teenage girl! They are usually very intricate, so wearing one of these means that you can skip on other jewelry.

18. Chain it up:

For that modern Bohemian look, you can wear one chain for your ears. Pair it up with feathers to channel your hipster look.

19. Ear Jackets:

They are mullets of all earrings. From the front you get a peak of the jewels and from the back you can see the curve. Rihanna is one of those celebs who regularly flaunts such jackets.

Ear Jackets
Source: ell.h-cdn.co

20. The Stud/Hoop

As the name suggests, it’s the baby of a stud and a hoop. The duality of this ear piece makes it a perfect statement wear.

Stud Hoop
Source: ell.h-cdn.co

21. Double Studs:

Dior runways are brimming with it and so is Vita Fede’s. These two dimensional studs are giving conventional studs a run for their money.

Double Studs
Source: ell.h-cdn.co

22. Single and ready to mingle:

You don’t have to think about matching because these mismatched studs and tops can be worn anytime! They are too cool to be paired!

Single and ready to mingle
Source: yournextshoes.com

23. Jhumka Jazz:

The traditional Indian earring is a staple at most weddings and is a wonderful way to accentuate your look. A heavy Jhumka with a matching lehenga will be perfect for a wedding!

Jhumka Jazz
Source: lifenfashion.com

24. Cluster Earrings:

As the name suggests, these are beads or gemstones and glass grouped together. Not only do they have a modern look, but they also have a vintage feel to them.

Cluster Earrings
Source: flickr.com

25. Creole or Shrimp Earrings:

These too ooze a vintage charm and have an oval shape. They have been popular since 1850’s and can be worn casually as well as formally.

Creole or Shrimp Earrings
Source: amazon.com

26. French-wire earrings:

These are curved on the back and resemble a fish hook. They are usually worn along with danglers.

French wire earrings
Source: jewelrymakingjournal.com

27. Threaders:

Threaders have a long, thin metal chain which “threads” through the pierced earlobe. They are generally popular with traditional Indian wear.

Source: cloudfront.net

28. Huggie:

Just like the name, the earring I designed to hug the earlobe. This too can be worn in a casual way or you can wear it formally as well.

Source: diamondideals.com

29. J-Hoops:

J-Hoops are types of hoop earrings. The hoop is in the shape of an elongated “J” rather than circular.

J Hoops
Source: dgse.com

30. Clip-on earrings:

Finally for those who are a little terrified of piercings, the perfect way to adorn your ears are with clip on earrings. These can be just fixed on the ear without the need of a whole.
There are innumerable ways to dress your ears. This handy guide will help you decide how to team up your earrings with your favourite attire!


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