Chic, Fashion, Boho Dangle Earring Designs


Dangle Earring Designs

Do all things left to dangle look good? Nah…there has to be a method of appropriateness in everything so that it gives a decent impression.

But in the age of fashion that almost changes superfast, dangle earring designs is an apt trend for the fashionistas who wish to keep exploring all things nice and sexy.

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Dangle earrings don’t sit pretty on ear lobes like the conventional ear studs but actually hang down from the ear lobe. So in a way they dangle, which is what makes them look pretty and saucy, when paired with cocktail dresses or Indian wear.

Unlike a drop earring which just falls below the ear lobe, dangle earrings swing and sway with every movement and can even fall on to the shoulders of the girl wearing it.

Earring Designs For Beginners

Perceived as highly glam due to their ornate styles, Dangle Earring designs have a special appeal to them. They have been made popular by celebs walking down on red carpets.

However don’t be under the impression that dangle earrings are exclusive for chic babes with fancy purse strings. There are earring designs for beginners and dangle earrings for wedding as well. It will be fun checking out dangle earrings online. Here we start.

1. Heart-Shaped Fantasy

Meet this gelato heart-shaped dangle earrings that come in 18 rose gold weighing 1.35 cts. t.w. rose quartz and 0.10. ct. t.w. diamonds. Talk of price and it comes at $1,000.

Dangle Earrings For Wedding

2. Black Color Stone

Simple and sober pair of oval shaped dangler earrings featuring black gemstone colour to make you look scintillating.

Dangle Earrings Online

3. Red Stone Studded Affair

Red has gone far behind silk to these beautifully textured gold toned earrings that have CZ and red stones embellished. The geometric design and textured surface finish helps it blend with any attire that you wish to wear.

Red Stone Studded Earrings

4. Alluring Blue Stone

Made of metal alloy, this fashionable stone work makes the dangler cut out for cocktail occasions.

Alluring Blue Stone Earrings

5. Blue Stone Decked Dangler Earrings

Your search for a trendy pair of dangler earrings comes to an end with these blue stone decked dangle earrings online that are rust resistant and long-lasting, thanks to the silver alloy make.

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Blue Stone Decked Dangler Earrings

6. Ethnic Blue Jade Dangler Earrings

Perfect pair of dangle earrings for wedding, this blue jade gemstone danglers set in gold tone amplify its beauty through an intelligent use of traditional meena ball. The glossy surface makes it a must-buy.

Blue Jade Dangler Earrings

7. Black Enamel Earrings With Dangling Red Heart

This is a heart-stealing affair with red hearts dangling and black enamel finish. These exquisite earrings look so trendy and contemporary, don’t they?

Black Enamel Earrings With Dangling Red Heart

8. Cubic Zirconia Dangling Earrings

Want a beautiful yet vibrant look? This sterling silver semi-precious stones with cubic zirconia dangling earrings and hinge back closure can woo even your toughest man.

Cubic Zirconia Dangling Earrings


Dangle earrings

Trends might come and go, but dangle earrings online will always be around. Drop us a line on this dangling fashion statement.


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