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Introducing LeEco Le 1s – Elegantly Designed And Highly Featured

by Fashionlady
Introducing LeTV 1s

Introducing LeTV 1s

Broaden your angle of style with the new LeEco Le 1s mobile phone making a statement – “Fashion is not just about apparel and accessories, but also about the gadgets that you carry.”

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LeEco, founded a decade ago in China, has set its eyes on the most rocking crowd of the world i.e. India, and brought a vogue that is difficult to mime. It can be noted as a fine piece of art. A fashion oriented technological design like this brings forth a great deal of ingenuity, imagination and innovation.

Letv 1s mobile phone

The smooth finish of it feels like a ribbon sliding on the fingers – a feel worth seizing. It’s all-metal, uni-body design, adds an eye catching sparkle to any shade of outfit you pick.

The sleek style with the rounded edges and a streak of metallic frame along the edges works as a fabulous accessory that can be flaunted with confidence.

Letv 1s mobile

It slides easy and slickly into those jeans adding a slight oomph to the curvy ass. Showcase the classy and sophisticated gimmick of yours with this product and enjoy all the attention.

With an adept grip that it offers, it is hard to let go from sight. If we ever find ourselves in a fashion disaster situation, pull out this LeEco Le 1s that makes looking good, easy.

New Letv 1s


It serves as a perfect fusion of all the features a hippie to a workaholic would desire. It works as an accessory that talks for you – about your classy taste and rich lifestyle.

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And coming to the selfie crazed people out there, meet your perfect accessory. To ease the clicking of selfies, the Le 1s has added a button feature right under the camera which works wondrously.

Letv 1s

It is fast and simple and doesn’t keep you waiting like guys. It is effectively sculptured to look and feel light.

Don’t fear on loosening those knots of your purse as it is within anyone’s reach. Step out in style with the all new LeEco Le 1s.

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