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How to Look Good in Photos: Props That Give Your Photos Extra Sexiness

by Fashionlady
How to Look Good in Photos

How to Look Good in Photos
Photography is an art, an art that requires aesthetics, physics, and knowledge of light, angles and many more. It’s a delicate form of thought where a picture says more than words can. A picture is said to be a good picture or a complete picture when it says a thousand words without using any.

Sexiness of a picture lays in the subject, the background, the light and of course the prop. From something as simple as a string of pearls to a head gear can make or break your desired version of that image. To add that sexiness to your picture, you can work around objects or props that will adds the hotness to the picture.

The fine line between vulgarity and sensuousness is what is to be maintained at all times. Sensual photography is appreciated and loved by most but when it starts slipping towards the nasty side, is when we draw the line. Especially in our Indian society, we ought to be careful about the kind of picture we preach.

Extra sexiness

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Here I have a few ideas as to how you can add that sensuality to your picture with simple props. Follow these simple tips to learn how to look good and sexy in photos using props.

1. The Chair

An easy subject to work around, the chair can be used to sit on, like in the picture or used in a number of ways. It could be used as a support to stand around with your back arched in a curvy manner and you face towards the camera. Another way you could use the chair is with one foot on top of the chair and the other on the floor giving an angle to your body and depth to the photograph.

The Chair

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2. The Hat

Hats have been our favourite accessory since time. Big hats or small, they fit your face and give you a very mysterious look. Wear it over your head, covering your face and pout or just look down, giving the impression of no face. You can also play around with the hat in your hands, very causally held and very effortlessly posing, Work it with the hat and you are sure to get a steamy picture.

The Hat

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3. Sunglasses

Choose sunglasses among the various beautiful ones, cat eyed, aviators, round, wayfarers and do something unusual with them. Wear them the right way with some classy make up and bold lips and pose for the camera like no one’s looking. Another way is to drop down those glasses to your nose and look right into the lens. It’s a bold expression and if caught right, a very powerful one.


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4. Accessories

Statement jewellery is the trend right now. Pose for the lens in one of these stunning pieces. Wear it like the usual, around the neck or waist or ears or a with a twist like that on the head pinned in the hair. Work with your angles, poses and expression and the accessory will work its charm. The camera loves a definition and some jewellery will add to that.


Source: pinterest.com

5. Masks

Earlier Masquerades were a fun party where people would lose their inhibitions and do what they liked. The same masks can be used to capture a sensual mood during photography. Wear the masks for the very mystical vibe. Take poses with the mask on and off and decide what you like more.


Source: pinterest.com

6. Stockings

Long, tones legs are a beautiful sight to see when captured in the right frame. The natural structure of the body is accentuated with a pair of legs that are to die for. Wear stocking to make those even more envy worthy. And pose in a way that your legs are the centre of attraction.


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7. High Heels

Heels give posture to your body and give you the confidence boost you desire. We all walk like a lady automatically when put into a pair of stilettos or high heels. They bring out the diva in you, hence pose with pair and you’ll notice the change. Stand with your legs in them and pose with your arms strong for the very power infused look. Or on the bed, with your legs playing in the air in a pair of heels. Well formed legs will always add to the beauty of a picture with high heels.

These are a few ideas to Look Good in Photos for you to experiment with. If you have more of them, let us know too. Share with us your secret behind the sexy picture.

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