bengali sarees for wedding

Stunning Bengali Sarees To Rock To An Indian Wedding

Are you invited to a traditional Bengali wedding ceremony? No matter the wedding ceremony that you are invited to. There is a Bengali saree for each ceremony. Choose one of these spectacular sarees and...
College Fashion Trends

College Fashion Trends To Follow In 2021

Everyone knows a proverb “Meet by clothes, see off by mind”. When entering a college, both girls and boys want to make an impression on their peers. It isn’t a secret that it’s much...
ANAARGLO Pomegranate Face Mask and Face Cream

ANAARGLO Pomegranate Face Mask And Face Cream Really Worked On My Skin And How

Here is nothing but the truth about me: I’m a makeup lover but one with hoards of beauty goodies that go untouched. The idea of no-makeup does not appeal to me either. But hand...
Thailand Hottest Tattoos

The Hottest Tattoos Coming Out Of Asia

The sak yant tattoo – Thailand’s gift to the tattoo world and the most popular tattoo style to come out of one country since Sailor Jerry many many years ago. When talking about the sak...
Outfit Ideas for Friends Pre-wedding Sangeet Party

Outfit Ideas To Ace A Friends Pre-wedding Sangeet Party

Are you in the lineup for your friends Sangeet party? This is the most awaited and fun-filled pre-wedding party among the many in an Indian ceremony. It goes for hours and there is a...
Menstrual Problems With Menstrual Cups

Managing Menstrual Problems With Menstrual Cups

Menstruation is a natural part of every woman's life. It happens after every 28-30 days cycle when the lining of the cervix breaks down and goes out from the body through the vagina. Within...
Cowboys history

An Insight About The Western History

It would be hard to find a part of history that has been more romanticized during the first half of the last century than that of the American West or as some like to...
Women Halloween Costumes

The Best Women’s Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween occasion is not only meant for children but also adults. Similarly, more and more adults are now attending costume parties than ever. When Halloween nears, you will find many costume parties happening at...
Cold Pressed Juice Makers

Top Benefits Of Cold Pressed Juice Makers

Consuming fresh juice regularly is a healthy habit. Though most of us know that store bought juices are chock full of sugar and other harmful agents like preservatives, juice made at home also tends...
Tips To Create Your Own Home Gym

Tips To Create Your Own Home Gym

Thinking of creating a self-owned home gym seems very smooth and easy on the eyes. You might be thinking of applying a few steps and completing the gym with what you desire. But no,...

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