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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: 5 Jewellery Pieces Mom Will Love

It’s a well-known fact—Us ladies love our jewellery. Whether a pair of dainty little earrings or an extravagant maang tika, our love for precious trinkets is here to stay. What then could make a...
Candere Mothers Day Jewellery

Jewellery That Will Bring Shine In Her Eyes This Mother’s Day!

Like everyone else, we can also state that ‘Mother’ is the symbol of love, care and strength. But, we believe that the whole world of adjectives would still fall short in expressing the importance,...
Reasons Why Your Diet Plan Isnt Working

Reasons Why Your Diet Plan Isn’t Working

It can be frustrating to know that no matter how you adhered to your diet plan, you're still not getting the results you expected. These are the times when you feel that all your...
Bollywood Celebrities Christmas Celebrations

Bollywood Rings In Christmas With Their Most Fashionable Foot Forward

It's Christmas time already, and our B-town left no stone unturned in making their presence felt at every Christmas gathering. Be it the signature hues like red and white opted by many divas or...
Jewellery Gift Ideas For Wedding

Great Jewellery Gift Ideas For A Wedding

So, you have a wedding coming up. Now, as responsible guests - whether you’re family or a friend - you can never go wrong with gifting jewellery. Even if you’re not a fashionista who knows...
bengali sarees for wedding

Stunning Bengali Sarees To Rock To An Indian Wedding

Are you invited to a traditional Bengali wedding ceremony? No matter the wedding ceremony that you are invited to. There is a Bengali saree for each ceremony. Choose one of these spectacular sarees and...
College Fashion Trends

College Fashion Trends To Follow In 2021

Everyone knows a proverb “Meet by clothes, see off by mind”. When entering a college, both girls and boys want to make an impression on their peers. It isn’t a secret that it’s much...
ANAARGLO Pomegranate Face Mask and Face Cream

ANAARGLO Pomegranate Face Mask And Face Cream Really Worked On My Skin And How

Here is nothing but the truth about me: I’m a makeup lover but one with hoards of beauty goodies that go untouched. The idea of no-makeup does not appeal to me either. But hand...
Thailand Hottest Tattoos

The Hottest Tattoos Coming Out Of Asia

The sak yant tattoo – Thailand’s gift to the tattoo world and the most popular tattoo style to come out of one country since Sailor Jerry many many years ago. When talking about the sak...
Outfit Ideas for Friends Pre-wedding Sangeet Party

Outfit Ideas To Ace A Friends Pre-wedding Sangeet Party

Are you in the lineup for your friends Sangeet party? This is the most awaited and fun-filled pre-wedding party among the many in an Indian ceremony. It goes for hours and there is a...

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Best Rangoli Designs For Sankranthi

Sankranti is a major festival celebrated in various parts of India that marks the beginning of the harvest season as well as the beginning...

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