Manage Your College Stress

Either Manage Your College Stress Or Gain Extra Weight

After high school, the college experience is a real adventure. When finally moving to campus, students find themselves in a completely new environment with plenty of new friends and qualitatively new relationships with professors,...
Ways To Meditate At Work

Ways To Meditate At Work

Is work starting to grate on your nerves? Do you find the thought of going into work is leaving you stressed and anxious? Maybe your focus is off, and you no longer can rein...
Hair Transplant Myths

All About Hair Transplants – Myths Debunked

Hair transplant procedures have come a long way since they were first available in the mid-1950s. Still, there are a couple of myths that have to be cleared to ensure a hassle-free hair transplant...
High Potassium Foods

What Is Potassium And Why Is It Important In Your Diet?

Good health starts by having a body that is nourished. In order for cells to continue functioning normally, potassium is needed. It is an essential mineral that is often neglected in normal diets. Foods...
Little Girl Partywear Dresses

Let Your Little Girl Rock n’ Roll With These 4 Partywear Dresses

Your little one is no less of a fashionista than any other Instagram model. When adults don’t hold back in looking their best on parties, why should the little ones do so? She deserves...
Fashionable Lehenga Designs

Lehenga Designs For Your Fashionable Ethnic Look

Flare your ethnic look with the beautiful Lehenga in the many cultural festivities and weddings in India. This traditional Indian skirt is a must-have in your wardrobe to adorn to most of the traditional...
How The Rise Of Clean Beauty

How The Rise Of Clean Beauty Has Changed The Industry

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of how their choices impact their health and the environment. Clean beauty is growing in popularity, along with more personalized products. In the past, beauty brands have been...
How to Look Fresh And Beautiful

Wanna Look Fresh And Beautiful? Here’s What You Should Know

When it comes to feeling and looking beautiful, we are all searching for the manual that provides quick and easy answers. However, as it turns out if you believe the adage, “beauty comes from...
How To Maintain Jewelry From Fading

How To Maintain And Keep Gold, Silver And Jade Jewelry From Fading

Daily maintenance of gold and sterling silver: The biggest cause of oxidation of silverware is oxygen in the air, so blocking air is the best way to maintain it. For example, put the silver...
Tips to Buy Saris Online In India

Simple Tips To Consider When Buying Saris Online In India

When people talk about Indian outfits anywhere in the world, a sari is the first thing that comes in mind. One of the prettiest and classy looking outfits, it is no surprise that saris...

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