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Top Benefits Of Cold Pressed Juice Makers

by Fashionlady
Cold Pressed Juice Makers

Consuming fresh juice regularly is a healthy habit. Though most of us know that store bought juices are chock full of sugar and other harmful agents like preservatives, juice made at home also tends to have its share of controversy.

Cold Pressed Juice Makers

The main issue with homemade juice is the type of juicer used for making it. The conventional appliance is a hydraulic or centrifugal juicer. In contrast one can also use a cold pressed juicer.

The traditional or centrifugal models make use of quick spinning blades to tear apart vegetables or fruits. This process removes vital nutrients from the juices, leaving very less or no contents of nutrition.

In their place, ‘cold pressed’ or masticating juicers have emerged as highly popular since these devices extract juice by grinding and pressing vegetables and fruits. Such juicers do not generate heat during extraction and this is the reason why they are called as ‘cold pressed’ juice maker.

By definition, Cold Pressed Juicer is the device which preserves fresh food, making use of HPP (High Pressure Processing) in place of heat with a force measuring up nearly to 87,000 PSI. Another name for HPP is Pascalization. As per this method, food products are preserved using severely high pressure.

Because of this process, bacteria are removed (they are destroyed at around 60,000 PSI). The process also keeps up a high content of enzymes, minerals and vitamins. The juice has a fresher taste. The FDA has recognized HPP for enhancing shelf life and preserving freshness without high heat or preservatives.

Health Advantages of Cold Press Juicer:

  • Cold pressing kills bacteria on a structural level. It preserves the quality and taste which chemical pasteurization and heat destroy. There is no need to get worried about bacteria. The juice retains its quality, taste and freshness.
  • By this mode of extraction, more nutrients like enzymes, minerals and vitamins are retained in the juice. It is a great way to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into one’s diet.
  • The taste of cold pressed juice is matchless. One can prepare a huge stock and store in proper fashion such that it tastes amazingly fresh even after 2 weeks.
  • You can get more juice from vegetables and fruits. A centrifugal juicer cannot extract as much juice per ounce and hence by using a cold pressed model, you can get more value for your money. When you make nutritious juice at home, money can be saved, and you may have control over the quality of ingredients.
  • The consistency of the juice is attractive. More fibre and pulp are retained by cold pressed juices and they feel thicker. This is liked by some people. Others who dislike thick juices can consume it easily by adding water.
  • Ingredients can be customized. Cold pressed juicers not only help save cost but also offer healthy and nutritious content. You can use the vegetables and fruits of your choice bought from local farmers markets.
  • Nutritional value is retained. Conventional or hydraulic juicers oxidize nutrients and fibres because of the heat created by high speed spinning. Cold pressed juicers do not generate as much heat as traditional juicers, which help to keep fibres and nutrients intact.

These are some of the top benefits of a cold pressed juicer.

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