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10 Awesome Chandelier Earrings To Die For

by Fashionlady
Awesome Chandelier Earrings

Best Chandelier Earrings
Ever wondered why he was so attracted to nibble those ears? Apart from the cuteness overload, the dolling up of the lobes did the magic. If you’ve been into studs and stems all this while, it is time to make a change. Chandelier earrings are the hottest trends doing the rounds, from Jennifer Lopez to Portia De Rossi, Malaika Arora Khan to Sonam Kapoor, PYTs and celebs from across the globe are flaunting them like there’s no tomorrow. Here are ten chic chandelier earrings to die for!

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Freshwater pearls, rhinestones and more

Chandelier earrings come in a style and range of their own, a classy act we say. Pink and freshwater pearls, a south sea pearl as the main focal point in the accessory and eighteen karat gold to dress up those ears, who wouldn’t want these shiny babies from Yoko London!

Bridal Chandelier Earrings

Source: pinimg.com

Royal Emerald Blue Earrings

Hang them in style and they are so versatile that the chandelier pair would match any ensemble for the evening in white or blues. Look and feel fabulous, on the lines of a diva and wear them all day long if you want to, these beauties sure are a girls best friend!

Chandelier Royal emerald blue earrings

Source: pinimg.com

Royale Touche

The Queen Mother’s Diamond Chandelier Earrings, 1918, and who wouldn’t want them as a pair to own? Versatile and colourless, made from pure diamonds, the precious pair is for keeps and to flaunt at gatherings where the crème- de- la –crème meet!

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Sterling Silver Beauties

Cocktail events galore, and you need to doll up your best to impress. Think of the sterling silver pair, these twins would not only make you look like a star, but would earn you accolades much to the envy of other women around!

Popular items for chandelier earrings

Ethnic And Colourful

Fancy something ethnic, large and colourful for the ears? These precious turquoise magnestite gemstone chandelier earrings with beads are for you to have! Rustic and chic, intricately made and with plenty of trendy touches, bringing back the gypsy look couldn’t have been more easy!


Colorful and Creative Drop Earrings

Oxidised Twins

Labradorite Gemstone Earrings, large and bold, and with a statement of their own to make, why not! Wear them at work or maybe for a party out with the girls, and these puppies would bring in all the attention from the men out there, because men love women who bring out their beauty with a hint of the bold!

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Labradorite Gemstone Earrings

Source: pinimg.com

Asymmetry in Yellow Gold

For work or for play, a little quirky touch now and then wouldn’t kill or harm the look you are trying to present. Asymmetrical yellow gold chandelier earrings are haute to wear, and would keep the onlookers gazing for a very long time. You never know who’s watching, so flaunt them in style!

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Bvlgari Chandelier Earrings

From the house of BVLGARI, chandelier earrings so ethnic and yet with a touch of modern day fashion, suits the PYT who works hard and parties harder! Who wouldn’t want to have a pair of these beauties in their vanity box? Diamonds, emeralds and opal stones, BVLGARI has stolen our heart!

Bvlgari chandelier earrings

When Art Meets Fashion

The twain when they meet, creates a look that leaves the world spellbound. Onyx accents and in orange, with a touch of the old world charm the European way, the fringe drops on these precious babies are worth dying for. Such beauty, with orange and black, this is what happens when we call orange the new black!

unique chandelier earrings

Crazy about these ten! There are more to show from where these beauties came, so hold on to your seats while we bring them back again, the next time!

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