Why does your Jewellery leave black and green marks on the Skin?


how to prevent rings from turning finger green
Buying jewellery is the pet passion of most women. But it’s an ugly sight watching gold or silver jewellery items leaving behind nasty marks on the skin, that too black and green. Imagine getting the sari pallu to hide black and green marks on the skin. Oh my gosh! It looks so unsightly and pathetic.

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Stains on the skin sometime happen due to skin allergy. Often a negative reaction happens between our skin and the metals we wear as jewellery. This happens more when the jewellery comes into close contact with areas of our skin that sweat out a lot. For all you know the jewellery you are wearing could not be pure copper and maybe the copper in it could be causing the reaction by creating copper salts which are bluish-green in nature. We take you closer to the jewellery metals that could be bringing you red, itchy and irritated skin and how to prevent the same from happening.

How to keep your ring from turning your finger green
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The precious element nickel is found in periodic table of elements (something we had studied in higher classes at school, remember). But when nickel is mixed with gold and other metals, and when it comes in touch with foundation makeup on our skin, it can lead to black marks.

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This largely depends on your body chemistry too. If this skin reaction keeps on happening, then go for jewellery made out of stainless steel. It will keep your jewellery items free from tarnish. You can also change your body soaps and lotions to check out if they were the reason of marks coming up on the skin.



Heard of Sterling Silver? It is the one that has 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. The common stains from sterling silver are black and they happen when the silver metal darkens as a result of the reactions with gases present in the air. There are some sterling pieces that are coated with products that prevent tarnishing. But sometimes their coatings wear off in time. So you need to think through.

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Why greenish stain on skin
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Gold is a metal that can never stain your skin. It is only when it is mixed with metals such as copper, silver and nickel that it starts to change its colour. In fact, when added to gold these elements make gold stronger and even affordable, but for the fact that they cause discolouration on the skin.

Tips to stop Jewellery from staining your skin

Here are a couple of things you need to bear in mind when it comes to avoiding black and green marks on the skin:

  • Taking off your jewellery items (example ring, bangle, necklace etc.) before washing with soap helps tremendously to reduce the chances of it turning green.
  • Always go for18 Karat gold. It is a pure metal that won’t leave behind any marks on the skin.

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