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The first name that comes into our minds when we think about lingerie is “Victoria’s Secret”.

It is known that women love to buy lingerie at a physical store more than buying them online. This includes the reason that they can make sure it’s of the right fit, correct size, get colours they like and so on. But women sometimes shy from asking for help and end up wearing the wrong size or the wrong type and end up with wardrobe malfunctions.

Hence, FashionLady publishes exclusive articles for their readers to learn the different types of bra, different bra styles, and bra wearing tips. Women’s lingerie is a wide topics including body shape wear, tummy tucker’s, bra, panties, corsets, baby doll’s not to forget bikini’s and swim wear too.

There are various best lingerie brands available in the market to buy your styles. Some are expensive lingerie brands while others are reasonable. It’s up to you to decide which you should choose for your outfits. But please keep basic information in your mind while you go shopping for lingerie. Analyze under what garments they will be worn under, what material suits you the best, etc before you binge on the shopping. Also make sure to buy some nude colour bras and these are pretty helpful when wearing under the whites.

Swimwear for women must also be considered according to the body type and bust size. This could also mean that you pick your bikinis wisely.

As sensuous it looks and seems with pretty colours and silky lacy textures, be extremely careful and make sure that you wear the right size and type with every dress.

The Best Bras For Banishing Back Fat

Goodbye Back Fat: The Best Bras For Banishing Back Fat

BRAs are ‘Most wanted’ supports. These bare necessities are needed not just to support your front, but also to balance out your back. Back? Yes...after all, which female will like back fat sticking out...
Choose Right Sports Bra

Helping You Choose Right Sports Bra For Your Workout Sessions

Did you know on April 14th, the SEAK Foundation organized its second annual 'Sports Bra Challenge', to emphasize on the importance of wearing a sports bra during workout or sports? Hundreds of women from various...
How To Repair An Underwire Bra

How To Repair An Underwire Bra

How many times did you get poked by your underwire? Ugh! One gets the feeling of almost throwing away the damn bra, thinking that’s the end of it. Wrong! Why not get smart instead...
Online Lingerie Brands

Top 5 Online Lingerie Brands In India

Over the years, women are getting more confident in terms of selection of their lingerie and as a result they have stopped compromising with the ordinary products. And they are also becoming bold and confident while choosing the favourite...

5 Bras For Small Breast For A Sexy And Fabulous Look

We all buy clothes that make us look presentable and feel beautiful, but that’s about what is going on, on the outside. What we forget to pay much attention to are the intimates that...
Bridal Underwear

Wedding Lingerie Decoded – Don’t Ignore What You Wear Inside For The Big Day!

When we talk about picking and wearing the right wedding lingerie, we aren’t just referring to the sensual lacey or white ones seen on the runways or glossy magazine covers. Fashion is important and...

Solve Your Dilemma Of Big Breasts With Large Cup Lingerie

Hey! Do you know any woman who is endowed with a large bosom? Most often you find them wearing baggy shirts simply because their size shirts are always tight around the chest and have...
How To Measure Bra Size

Girl Guide: How To Measure Bra Size

By now, I am sure you would have the stats of over 80 percent women wearing a wrong size bra at the snap of your finger. You might also have faced a situation where...
How To Hide Bra Straps

How To Hide Bra Straps And Walk Around Fearlessly

With warm weather and sunshine, how much we girlies want to go places wearing minimum. But when we think of the pesky bra straps staring out, don’t we realise our freedom getting hindered? Honestly, when...
Plus Size Bras And Panties

A Guide To Choose Lingerie For Your Body Type

Plus size is sophisticatedly referred to the size of clothing for people having larger than average bodies and differs in size as per geography since people everywhere are not of the same build. The...

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