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The first name that comes into our minds when we think about lingerie is “Victoria’s Secret”.

It is known that women love to buy lingerie at a physical store more than buying them online. This includes the reason that they can make sure it’s of the right fit, correct size, get colours they like and so on. But women sometimes shy from asking for help and end up wearing the wrong size or the wrong type and end up with wardrobe malfunctions.

Hence, FashionLady publishes exclusive articles for their readers to learn the different types of bra, different bra styles, and bra wearing tips. Women’s lingerie is a wide topics including body shape wear, tummy tucker’s, bra, panties, corsets, baby doll’s not to forget bikini’s and swim wear too.

There are various best lingerie brands available in the market to buy your styles. Some are expensive lingerie brands while others are reasonable. It’s up to you to decide which you should choose for your outfits. But please keep basic information in your mind while you go shopping for lingerie. Analyze under what garments they will be worn under, what material suits you the best, etc before you binge on the shopping. Also make sure to buy some nude colour bras and these are pretty helpful when wearing under the whites.

Swimwear for women must also be considered according to the body type and bust size. This could also mean that you pick your bikinis wisely.

As sensuous it looks and seems with pretty colours and silky lacy textures, be extremely careful and make sure that you wear the right size and type with every dress.

Best Swimsuit Brands

The Best Swimsuit Brands For Body-Conscious Girls

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What To Wear Under A Dress?

Now that summer’s almost around the corner, it is time to bring out the sheer and laces which were lamenting in your closet. See-through dresses are currently in fashion and so are white and...
Lingerie Shower

Throw A Rocking Lingerie Shower For Your BFFs Bachelorette

Been assigned with the responsibility of hosting a bachelorette party for your chuddy-buddy? You want to make it super rocking and memorable, why not opt for a lingerie shower party? Well, firstly you need...
What Your Panties Say About You

What Your Panties Say About You And Your Personality

There are many things a girl holds close to her chest. It could be her secret love affair, her tiff at home with ma, the boy whom she is dating or her chat time...
Victoria Secrets Fashon

Let’s Take A Look At Victoria Secrets Fantasy Bras Over The Years

Victoria’s Secret is not just any lingerie manufacturing company. Victoria’s Secret is a brand in itself. A brand who everyone wants to be a part of. Models consider themselves lucky if they are chosen...
No Bra Day

Dear Bra, I Hate You Like I Love You

Okay, so don’t get me wrong. I'm not one of those bra-burning feminists. I love bras, and I’ll never give up on them. I’m not even going to say, “why should boys have all...
what bra to wear with backless dress

Tips To Choose What Bra To Wear With Backless Dress

A backless dress can definitely turn heads when you wear it anywhere and anytime. However if you do not wear the correct bra inside your backless dress, you are sure to raise eyebrows for...
How To Wear A Bra

How To Wear A Bra In Style, Gals!

Gone are those days of stocking the lingerie drawer with a dozen of white bras that looked identical twins to each other. The lingerie stores have a wide variety of cuts and designs of...

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