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10 Effective Ways To Deal With A Lazy Husband

by Fashionlady
How To Deal With Lazy Husband

Like it or not, majority of women face this state of affairs. Best guess for the situation is most men start to think the woman has to handle work at the home front. They start taking their cup of tea, their comfort meals, and whole other things for granted. On the other side, the wife is bound to get frustrated with the lazy ways of her spouse.

How To Deal With Lazy Husband

Now comes the tricky part when the wife wishes to have ‘the talk’ with the husband. Putting the message across her lazy and selfish husband can trigger different emotions.

It’s great for the wife to be tactful here, but also ensuring that she is getting the message across and making sure her rights are respected.
If you are one of those women who can relate to the above situation, then you will love the tips mentioned below. Follow them and see how your husband starts seeing you in a different light and respect you even more. Read ahead and try it!

Reasons Why Few Husbands Are Lazy?

We all have days when we don’t feel like doing anything. Similarly, your husband may not be a lazy person on the whole, but it is just being laidback on a particular day. But if he is unwilling to compromise on work daily, then you know he has got a problem.

Watch out for these habits in your man:

1. The Idle One:

If your notice that your husband has a ready-made excuse every time you request him for a task, you definitely are dealing with a lazy one. Along with being lazy, if he is unemployed and selfish, then as a wife you need to take big steps to secure the marriage.

2. The Boy Husband:

If you are dealing with a husband who needs as much attention as the children- right from wake time to serving food, then you are living with a boy husband. These types of husbands have just developed physically but are still a kid mentally. In this case, you will have to apply an anti-lazy rule on both your kids and husband.

3. The Clumsy One:

Some husbands purposely do a poor job while doing chores to prevent being asked for help the next time. If you can relate to this, then you are probably dealing with a clumsy partner who knows how to cleverly hide his laziness.

4. The Smooth Talker:

If your husband gets away with anything using sweet talks mostly to avoid work, then you are probably dealing with a smooth talker. He can charm you off his words and slip his way out.

5. Selfish Chauvinist:

Some husbands may show dominance when asked for help around the house. They may give you false impression that men do not help out in the kitchen. But he may be actually hiding his laziness while doing so.

Tips To Adjust With a Lazy Husband:

It’s a frustrating situation facing the challenges of staying with a lazy spouse. There are ways to deal with the situation without creating a fuss. With that said, here are few tips to follow to adjust with a disconnected partner:

1. Keep Communication Open:

Make sure not to use sarcastic tones or start nagging when your spouse isn’t as responsive as you wish them to be. Such nagging behavior won’t yield positive results. Instead focus on communicating your feelings words less harshly. Your partner will definitely react better to a positive approach.

Suppose your partner is being lazy for no reason, then you can address his behavior. Encourage him to get rid of his laidback attitude. Or, if his laziness stems out of deep-rooted problems like depression, then encourage him to meet a professional psychologist or counselor.

2. Ask Him For Help:

Once you have put across your feelings, open up to him about your expectations and needs from him. Tell him you need a help around the house. If he still continues making excuses, then look for other ways to change him.

Create a to-do list and show him when the time feels right. Talking tactfully with him will put your message across better.

3. Ignore Small Issues And Cooperate:

If your husband is borderline lazy, then that can be easily tackled. Instead of bringing up his lazy ways every time, choose to ignore small issues. He may probably be doing his share of work at his own pace. If he is unsure of a new task, then offer him your help.

4. Appreciation Will Go A Long Way:

Appreciate your husband more often. This will enable you both to create a loving environment. If your husband goes out of his way to get a job done, then take notice and show him some love. Appreciate his efforts rather than picking faults.


7. Work In Unison:

If your husband’s laziness around the home front mostly, then find chores that you both can work together. Doing work with your partner fills in the communication gap, as well. Suppose your spouse is lazy for taking up any sort of physical exercises, instead of giving him hints to try it, plan similar activities that you both can perform together. Sharing experiences together can create a healthier environment.

8. Be Assertive:

Your man may find ways to make up with you with sweet gestures for escaping a work. But learn not to get swayed away in the moment and let him take your forgiving nature for granted. Instead, be focal and assertive about putting your message straight across to him. This will allow you both to know where to draw the line.

9. Accept His Ways:

Learn to understand that everyone works at their pace including your partner. Instead be more accepting if his ways are slower than yours. At the end of the day, he is giving his best to get the work done.

10. Do Not Interfere:

When your husband is busy with some chores, it may happen that he may be doing it all wrong. Instead of pin pointing the mistakes, give him space to figure out. Offer your help only when you are asked for otherwise stay out of it.

Understanding your husband’s temperament is important before you try to tackle the situation. Try these tips to cope up with your lazy husband and marriage life will not seem as bad.

Have you tried any of these tips before? Or which one seems more likely to work on your partner? Leave us a feedback in the comment section below.

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