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14 Top Tips On How To Live Longer Naturally!

by Fashionlady
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There are newer versions of diet and exercise trends that come and go, but many of us fail to keep up with it. So you may be looking for other simpler ways to increase energy levels and benefit your overall health.

How To Live a Long Life

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The answer is you can, with lifestyle changes. You need not make major changes though, but doing small altercations in your daily life can go a long way in keeping you fit and healthy.

Studies revealed that habits like smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise, and not consuming enough fruits and veggies have negative affect on the body. Luckily, you can do something to correct the unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Adopt these habits to keep your body looking and feeling younger.

Simple Tips On How To Live a Long Life:

Here are simple changes that can make a huge impact on how you feel daily and your overall lifespan:

1. Modify Your Coffee Shot

Addicted to your cup of coffee every morning? But do you know starting your day with coffee do not really wake your senses? It is actually a bad idea to drink caffeine on an empty stomach. We are not here to advise you to give up on coffee.

But you can combine your daily coffee shots with protein and healthy fat, like double fisting, which is a protein rich smoothie or adding a dollop of coconut oil to your morning cup of java. This can buffer the affects of the caffeine and complete your body’s nutritional requirements.

2. Stay Out Of The Sun

Try to avoid too much sun exposure, as it can lead to skin cancer, and also lead to other skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines, and sagginess. It is never too late to start using sunscreen as a part of your daily skin care regimen. You can try a sunscreen with SPF30 or more. Use it all over your face, neck, and other body parts.

If you neglect skin care, then sun damage spots and splotches on skin will start appearing.

3. Do Not Overeat

Most people need to eat more to weigh less. Restricting calories, not getting enough nutrients and zero-fat can only lead to malnutrition and stresses our body. For this reason, you should include good fat like olive oil, avocados, or nuts, proteins, and greens to your daily diet.

You should eat throughout the day, including breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, a pre-dinner snack, and dinner.

All these routines should have a fixed timetable. For instance, have lunch no later than 1:30 p.m., a pre-dinner snack around 5:00 p.m. and dinner by 06:30 p.m.

By eating at a fixed timetable, you can prevent overeating at your next meal, which can also limit stress on your adrenal glands and help you avoid overeating.

4. Socialize

Studies have revealed that you’re at a greater risk of heart disease without a strong network of friends and family. Being lonely and alone can lead to inflammation and pose the same risk as having high cholesterol levels.

Loneliness is more common for elderly people, who are more prone to depression.

Ways to live longer

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5. Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is one of the most important things you can do for your health and lifespan. A study has revealed that women who quit smoking by the age of 35 add up to six to eight years of their lives.

7. Preventing The 3 pm Slump With Snacks

Rather than giving in your habit of indulging in sweets throughout the day, get in the habit of consuming a snack to prevent the 3 pm slump. Since we have a natural downfall in our cortisol levels around 3 pm, it is essential to snack at 2 – 2:30 pm with natural sugar and healthy fat. This will keep you energized and awake all day long. Veggies, apples with Greek yogurt and hummus are great options to snack on.

8. Go For Long Walks

Walking for about 30 minutes daily can keep you fit and healthy all day long. Studies have revealed that one lives four times longer than those who walk less, no matter how much their body fat is. Also in the same way, overweight women can improve their heart health by adding about 10 minutes of activity to their daily routine.

Hence take a walk during your lunch hour, do laps around the field, and find ways to move a little more daily in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

9. Strengthen Your Lower Body

Lower body strength can mean maintaining good balance, endurance level, and flexibility. As you grow older, these qualities can help in reducing your risk of injuries especially hip fractures, which can often lead to failing health.

Up to 20% of hip-fractured patients die within one year due to complications from trauma. Having weak thigh muscles is the number one reason for weakness in old age.

To strengthen your lower body, you should target your quads. Here is one exercise you can follow regularly:

Stand with back against wall. Slowly squat with feet out and slide back down until you’re in a seated position, ensuring knees do not cross beyond toes and lower back is pressed against the wall.

Hold the pose until your thighs give way. Try this routine daily and increase your hold for few seconds, as you start getting comfortable.

10. Meditate

Most people’s idea of relaxing after a long day of work is turning on their television or opening their laptop. Although tuning to your favorite show may seem relaxing, but it does little to refresh you. In order to attain full relaxation, you need to fully be in peace with yourself.

Sitting in front of the screen can only increase your chances of heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduce oxygen consumption, and cortisol levels.

To prevent all these problems, you should engage in meditation. Engaging in belly breathing for 10-20 minutes before hitting the couch are simple ways to live longer.

11. Create a Fixed Sleep Schedule

According to studies, sleep problems affect a lot of people, and it’s not uncommon that you’ve experienced insomnia or restlessness at least once in your life. In order to get a restful sleep, start with a ritual of going to bed 20-30 minutes before you need to sleep.

Shut down all your electronic devices, do cleansing and moisturizing routine, spray your bed with lavender for aiding sleep. Trying all these simple steps every night can help your body to get into a pattern of becoming lazy once the routine starts.

Sleep Schedule For Live Longer

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12. Include Purple Food

It is essential to include healthy foods in your diet, such as concord grapes, red wine, and blueberries. They contain compounds, which can help in reducing heart disease risk and protect against Alzheimer’s disease.
A study conducted on animals has suggested that including dark grapes to your diet can improve your brain function.

In another study, researchers revealed that taking one or more cups of blueberries daily can improve communication between brain cells and enhance your memory.

13. Avoid Street Drugs

Most of us resort to street drugs, which is not at all safe for multiple reasons. Not only do these drugs hamper your health but they can be mixed with other harmful substances. The health risks of street drugs include dehydration, memory loss, psychosis, confusion, seizures, brain damage, coma, and even death.

14. Stay Excited About Life Through Hobbies

This can allow you to look forward to something and prevent you from living on the things that are stressing you out. For instance, you can look out for a hobby that is inexpensive all-year-long, like reading, art or photography, crafts, and sports.

Do not get over-ambitious by getting into competitive activities, as it may put additional pressure on you.

These are our top 14 tips on how to live longer. If you have not made these changes in your lifestyle, then it’s never too late to start taking the step. We are welcome to feedback or comments about your lifestyle routine. So do write to us in the comments box below.

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