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Finest Pink Drinks: Best Sparkling Rose Wines For Valentine Day Gifting

by Fashionlady
Rose Wines For Valentine Day Gifting

Rose Wines For Valentine Day Gifting

The V day is almost here. Love is in the air. And the celebratory spirit comes dotted with chocolates, cupcakes, kisses, dating, dining, dancing, gallivanting around etc.

There is one thing that makes saying ‘I love you’ all the more romantic and memorable. And sparkling wines have a lot to contribute to that.

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Rose wines are very much in fashion these days. And it’s quite compulsory to drink pink on Valentine’s Day. It is the sure shot way to make your sweetheart smile and convert any guy worth his salt into a Romeo on Valentine’s Day.

The Historical Connection of Rose Wines

Rosés happen to be special wines that were preferred by the ancients.

Traditionally, rosé wines are made by leaving the skins with the juice for a day or two, until a light color starts to appear.

Grapes whether green-skinned or black have white juice, barring a few exceptions. Once the juice is removed from the grape skin, the rosé is fermented like a white wine. This yields a fresh, zesty beverage.

Having said that, let us check out the best sparklers for Valentine’s Day.

Champagne Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial NV, France

Spontaneous, radiant and enticing, it’s easy to make out this Rosé Sparkling Wine. Hailing from Champagne, France, Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial has bright fruitiness, seductive nature and elegant maturity.

Three grape varieties contribute to its richness. It has a glowing pink colour with highlights of amber, a lively bouquet of red fruits (cherry, raspberry, wild strawberry), nuances of rose and a slight hint of pepper.

As for the taste, there is intensity of berries through a rich mix of strawberry, raspberry and red currant. Plus there is the firmness of peach and freshness of menthol.

Wines For Valentine Day Gifting

Source: moet.com

Chapel Down Rosé Brut

This English sparkling wine has been going great guns and the rose from Chapel Down would show you how quality conscious are the vineyards that produce them.

With tiny little rich bubbles fizzing up the glass, it makes it a deserving recipient of the International Wine Challenge gold medal.

Rose Wines for V-day Gifting

Source: greatenglishwines.co.uk

Belletti Dell’Italia Rosé Spumante

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with strawberry-tinted spumante which is cost affordable and cheerful.

Pink in colour, this zingy sparkling wine has raboso grape which makes it light, fresh and worth Valentine’s Day.

Talking of the wine, it’s bright and citrusy where beautiful white flower scents and firm, racy acids greet you.

Wines For V-day

Source: wordpress.com


Gusbourne Sparkling Rose 2012

With delicate hues of fresh English rose, this sparkling rose wine from Gusbourne Estate in Kent, England has biscuits gently spiced, shortcake, wild strawberry, cream, red apples and apricot with notes of pink grapefruit zest.

Petali Moscato Spumante-Fazio

Ladies did you know that Moscato Bianco happens to be a place in Italy with the most widely planted  white sparkling wine grapes?

Petali Moscato Spumante-Fazio is a sweet wine which is low in alcohol. The colour of the sparkling wine Petali Moscato Bianco is straw yellow that has a reflection of green. It has a refined aroma of peach, pear, litchi, pineapple and sage. Talk of taste and you will find it velvety and harmonious. Incidentally, it is also called the “Wine of Love”.

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Petali Moscato Spumante-Fazio

Source: nebros.it

Zibibbo Sparkling Pink Moscato

This wine is produced by the Angove Family Winemakers. It’s a family that has solid knowledge about winemaking in place way back since 1886. Well-rounded and pure, this sparkling wine is called the “Muscat of Alexandria,” since it has a splash of Syrah which gives it the blush color.

Zibibbo Sparkling Pink Moscato

Source: wineoh.tv

Whoa! These are some sparkling rose wines amongst the many that will certainly keep your Valentine partner hooked on to you on the day of love.

Drop us a line as to which of these sparkling rose wines have it in them to make you an instant fan.

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