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20 Trendy Summer Nail Art Designs to Try Out This Summer!

by Fashionlady
Top Summer Nail Art Designs

Slip into your beachy top or asymmetric skirt and let your nails shout out color, attitude, and adventure the whole new way. Because summer is here and we can’t keep calm to put on some extravaganza summer nail art designs and look sparkling hot.

With summers screaming out aloud, there are plenty of inspiring summer nail designs for beginners as well. So dig in and find out.

20 Curated Summer Nail Art Designs for you to try!

We all love experimenting with our nail designs but usually get stuck with some old ones. So here are some of the incredible summer nail art designs you should definitely try out.

1. Nautical Nail Art

Nautical Nail ArtInstagram – yasinisi82

Nautical Nail designs hold good as the beach nail art designs. In summer, this nail art is done using blues and pink. If you can paint an anchor and you have your blue nail polish, I guess you have everything to pull off nautical nail designs to be summer-ready.


  • Start with a few coats of your base color i.e blue
  • Use a nail art pen to draw wavy lines.
  • Once they are dried, start drawing anchors and other details using a detail brush.

2. Palm Nail Art

Palm Nail Art

Instagram –  hellobirdielab

Palm Nail art is one of the easiest summer nail art designs you can opt for. It is freehand nail art that doesn’t need a professional hand. If you have good hands in painting you can easily draw a palm tree using a fine brush. Also, you can experiment with some colors that you like or pick a silhouette scene to make it look aesthetic.


  • Start with a few coats of your base colors i.e white and peach
  • Once dried, apply orange color on the sides of the fingers colored with a white base
  • Let it dry for a while
  • Now, start drawing the trunk of the palm tree going halfway up the nail
  • Draw five branches curving in different directions
  • Add little lines along the branches in the same direction as the branches are curving
  • Add these little lines to all the branches of trees as shown in the picture
  • Draw butterflies in the last and finger with a fine brush and you are done!

3. Mermaid Nail Art

Mermaid Nail Art

Instagram – hellygreenman

Mermaid Nail art is another popular summer special design loved by women. This nail art uses mermaid tail-scale patterns in the design to make it look enchanting. Perfect nail art for the summer holidays, these nail art designs keep on evolving and developing rapidly.


  • Paint all your nails with baby pink color nail paint
  • Using a thin brush, start drawing scallops from the bottom of the nail
  • Repeat the scallop design on the entire nail
  • While the nail paint is wet, stick rhinestones as shown in the image

4. Super Sleek Tips

Super Sleek Tips

Instagram – nailtine.id

We went gaga over these super sleek nail tips. Nail art design such as this one needs precision and perfect detailing. Also, they look super cool when you wear an outfit complementing it. This summer nail art design simply elevates the overall look and the chic factor together.



  • Apply violet color nail paint to all your nails
  • For a chrome effect, apply chrome nail metallic powder

6. Marble print

Marble print

Instagram – dreamnailsbyneeru

Marble print is the most sought-after nail paint design. You can easily give this design a try and discover your hidden painting skills. Generally, people go with darker shades so that the designs are visible but if you like being subtle then you can go for pastels and the design shown in the picture itself.


  • Apply your base coat and do two coats of the base color
  • Now take a plastic wrap and wad it into a ball
  • Put a drop of your base and texture color on a clean surface
  • Now, press the ball mixing those two colors
  • Gently press and roll that wrap on your nails
  • Thus, creating a textured finish
  • Remove all the smudges
  • Apply your topcoat once it becomes dry.

7. Subtle Matte

Subtle Matte

Instagram – nails_n_coffee_

Go full matte and make it a regal statement. The dark maroon matte finish color is all you need to dazzle this summer. This color is not over the top yet elegant enough to catch some eyeballs. Hence try this matte finish nail design and thank us later for the compliments.


  • Apply the single coat of your nail polish and let it dry
  • Continue with the second coat for a drama effect
  • Now top up with a matte topcoat and you are done.

8. Mirrored Half-Moons

Mirrored Half-Moons

Instagram – heartshapeddream

This mirrored half-moon design is giving us all the much-needed summer vibes. Be the colors or the design, everything is falling in a harmony to make it look fascinating. This design is absolutely perfect for the short-nails and beach-type day if you pair it with your cute blue shorts or a summer dress.


  • Apply the nude color nail paint to all your nails
  • Let it dry for a while
  • Now start drawing a half-moon with blue color nail paint on all your nails
  • Draw a circular line with a detail brush on all your nails
  • Finally, draw dots with pink color nail paint to finish this colorful nail art

9. Black and Gold Aztech

Black and Gold Aztech

Instagram – chri_naillove

Black and Gold Aztech nails are perfect if you are planning a party evening wearing a black and golden dress. Moreover, this design is made by using two colors – black and golden, and drawing zig-zag lines, and dots. Just showcase your inner painting abilities and it’s done.


  • Apply black and golden color nail paint as a base to all your nails
  • Let it dry for a while
  • Start drawing the pattern with a detail-brush or nail-art pen as shown in the picture

10. Blingy Metallic

Blingy Metallic

Instagram – samsglam_nailwraps

Blingy Metallic has now a new definition. This design made us fall in love with it at the first sight. It’s subtle, elegant, classy, and still blingy. Summer would be incomplete without this metallic nail design that screams nothing but class. So try out and let us know in the comments.


  • Apply the base coat on all your nails
  • Now apply the black color nail paint as required
  • Let it dry for a while so that it doesn’t clutter
  • Apply the silver nail paint on the top of your nail for a gradient effect
  • Now start drawing the design as shown in the picture with a nail art pen.

11. French Nail Extension Design

French Nail Extension Design

Instagram – french_nail_design

This is an amazing take on french nail extension. The classic french nail, given a little twist on the tips. Hence try your hands on this lovely french nail extension and enjoy compliments from people around you.


  • Apply baby pink color nail paint on all your nails leaving the tips
  • Now apply white color nail paint on your tips as shown in the picture

12. Paper Nails

Paper Nails

Instagram – raheesartwork

This nail art design is inspired by Dua Lipa’s and is giving out perfect summer vibes. Be its color or fun design, this nail art is to die for. So, try this super chic and fun paper nail art design and make some heads turn with this super cool design.


  • Take a piece of white paper and cut it in the shape of a nails
  • Now apply lavender, pink, blue, and light green color respectively as shown in the picture
  • Draw little hearts with black color nail paint
  • Post that, just stick these papers on your nails with glue, and you are done!

13. Beach nails

Beach nails

Instagram – polished_yogi

Beach nail designs are usually cute and have vibrant colors so that they pop out and this one just caught our attention. These multi-colored beach nails are perfect and will surely catch some eyeballs.


  • Take a striper brush or nail art pen and start drawing stripes on your nails
  • But take one at a time so that it doesn’t mess up

14. Multicolor Nail Art

Multicolor Nail Art

Instagram – nailsbyradavis

This multi-color nail art is truly representing summer. Just pick your favorite pastel colors, apply them and coat them with a shiny layer to make them look glossy and eye-catchy. So, try this multi-color nail art and be summer-ready.


  • Pick the pastel colors you like
  • Apply the base coat for a shiny effect on all your nails
  • Apply the pastel color nail paints as you like or as shown in the picture

15. Abstract Nail Art

Abstract Nail Art

Instagram – creative_tayy

This cool swirl design is definitely giving us some major summer goals. The popping colors while keeping the base nude is elevating the whole design to the next level. Pair it with an orange top and casual jeans, I am sure you’ll definitely grab some attention.


  • Apply the base coat on all your nails
  • Use a nail art pen to draw such wavy lines as shown in the picture

16. Fruit Nail Art

Fruit Nail Art

Instagram – cinnablaze

Aren’t these half-drawn fruits looking incredibly funky and cute? Well, if you are looking out for fruit nail art design, I guess this is the one for you. Hence get your nails done with this beautiful design and thank us later.


  • Apply a base coat on all your nails
  • Now, apply orange, red, green, yellow nail paints and paint half the part of your nail and leave the rest as it is
  • Take a nail art pen and start getting into each fruit’s detail

17. Ice Cream Nail Art

Ice Cream Nail Art

Instagram – aangelika_nails

The reason behind people loving summers is because of ice-creams. So, here’s a tribute to our favorite dessert ice cream nail art design. If you look closely at this design, it has some little details and a miniature ice cream drawn on it to make it look super adorable.


  • Apply the purple and lavender color nail paint on all your nails
  • Let it dry for a while
  • Draw little dots on any nail you like or as shown in the image
  • And finally, draw a miniature ice cream using a nail art pen

18. Minimal Nail Art

Minimal Nail Art

Instagram – litnails_byjade

If you are not a fan of over-the-top designs, then minimal nail art design is just for you. This design is a true representation of how minimal can look classy and gorgeous.  Also, you can try this nail art design easily at home.


  • Apply baby pink color as a base to all your nails
  • Draw black diagonal lines using a nail art pen

19. Pastel Nails Design

Pastel Nails Design

Instagram – silkbeauty.uk

It cannot get any cooler than this simple yet aesthetic nail art design. Get your lavender color nail paint to work and experience the beauty of your nails like never before.


  • Apply the base color i.e lavender color and baby pink color on your nails and let it dry
  • Draw stripes with purple and white color nail paint using a stripe brush or a toothpick
  • Apply the final base coat for a shiny effect.

20. Acrylic Summer Nails

Acrylic Summer Nails

Instagram – nails_by_shauna

This acrylic summer nail art design is oozing summer vibes. All thanks to the color and cute intricate design. Hence, be creative and embrace your inner sunshine with some summer colors.


  • Apply a base coat on all your nails
  • Let it dry for a while
  • Apply the base color i.e baby pink color on all your nails
  • Take a striping brush and draw an S using white color and let it dry for a while
  • Now take another glitter pink color nail and draw the same S over white to complete this nail art.

Final Words

So these were some incredible curated summer nail art designs that you can try this summer to dazzle. However, you can also refer to some great nail art blogs to keep up with ever-changing nail art trends.


What are the nail trends for summer?
Half-mirrored moon nails art, fruit nail art, pastels, and many more mentioned above in the article are the latest trends for summer.

What nail colors are in style?
Blue, cherry red, shades of pink, beige colors, pastels, etc are in style.

What is the most popular nail Design?
Marble, Minimal, and multi-color are the few most popular nail designs.

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