Fantabulous Kiss Nail Art: Must For Valentine’s Day

Kiss Nail Designs

Love is all around. Between parents and kids and sibling love to love with pets, flowers, nature, gizmos, food, adventure, what not.

There is love coming on 14 February in pots and pots. With Valentine’s Day knocking on the door, this one is going to be double exciting. Not just in the usual fare such as lipsticks, teddy bears, chocolates and perfumes but something more colourful, naughty, fun-loving and attention-grabbing.

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I am referring to kiss nail art which is ample evidence of the famous quote ‘love is in the air’.

kiss nail art art designs


Kiss patterns are getting to be as popular as booking advance movie shows or an expensive table for two. Which is why, more and more gals are interested in kiss nail art tutorial, kiss nail stickers and kiss nail art step by step.

Kiss Nail Designs

Kiss Nail Designs can be created by using stamping kits or free hand way. Or you can get water decals in kiss patterns which makes up as interesting kiss nail art ideas.

Nail Art Designs


Here we get you some of the best and hottest kiss nail art through kiss nail art ideas. They are easy and simple nail art ideas that will not only floor you, but make your dating partner fall heaven and heels in love with you.

Mono Colour Kiss Nails

Paint your finger nails in mono red except one nail which you need to keep it white. On this white base paint, use the blunt side of the toothpick of nail art brush to create red kiss designs.

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The white background nail surrounded by red nails will stand out with the red kisses on it.

nail art ideas easy


Duo Colour Kiss Nail Art

Stamping kits prove to be helpful for this kind of a kiss pattern. On a white base, having blood red or for that matter neon orange colours are worth trying out if you want to enjoy the full impact of Kiss Nail Designs.

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Kiss nails design


Mosaic Kiss Nail Designs

Isn’t this design absolutely trendy for workplaces? There is not an iota of shout but a subtle mosaic pattern which can be created on your nails using the blunt side of a tooth pick.

All you need to do is keep the nail base paint in light color so that the kiss nails stand out and don’t get lost.

Best Kiss Nail Art Designs with Pictures


Mickey And Minnie Kiss Nails

If you still belong to the teeny boppah age and wish to floor your college date, then doing it is easy. Just go for Mickey and Minnie Kiss Nails.

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The logic is simple. Mickey loves his girlfriend Minnie mouse. And if you are the Minnie, then you have to do something with your nails by following kiss nail art step by step to get the required love quotient.

Okay, on a serious note you need water decal designs of the characters Mickey and Minnie. Alternatively, you can also do it by using free hand painting.

Colourful Kiss Nail Art Design Tutorials


Punk Kiss Font Nails

This kind of kiss nails might not look very girly, but it would nevertheless look sexy. You can try out Rhinestone font when it comes to Kiss Nail Designs.

As for the thumb, you can go ahead and draw scary faces like the one shown below or just leave it decorated with rhinestones.

kiss nail art step by step


Shimmery Kiss Nails

In this nail art on kisses, you need to get stamping plates and two nail polishes – shimmery silver and shimmery pink. Now get this design on your nails and wear it on the date night.

kiss nail art tutorial


Shimmery Kiss Nails With Sequins

Go one step ahead in getting shimmery kiss nails by using stamping plates and special stamping nail polishes of shimmery silver and red. Then do sequins on one of your nails to jazz up the nail.

simple nail art ideas


Hugs And Kisses Nails

This particular nail art for Valentine’s Day is a little different from the ones shown above. Call it a symbolic nail art, this technique uses short forms and symbols such as XOXO to communicate love with Facebook buddies and friends on social networking sites.

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kiss nail art ideas


Having read this, we would like to know which Kiss Nail Designs are your favourite that you would like to use this Valentine’s Day. No prizes, but!

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