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13 Party Nail Art Ideas For The Party Hopping You

by Fashionlady
Easy Party Nail Art

Party Nail Art Ideas

Your party beauty kit might be having loads of staple things and spectacular things. But it takes party nail art ideas to bring the missing razzmatazz.

Be it a glitter top coat or fiery red, party nail art designs are much more than you ever thought. There are dark blues and blacks, deep reds, even mossy greens to create a party rage. Not to forget glow in the dark.

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Party Nail Art at Home

If you want your fingers as well as toes to look on-trend and stay in the limelight, then go for colours in party nail art designs at home that will make them hungry for attention and love.

Check out on party nail ideas to make your party dos hotter than ever. And don’t forget to share them with your friends and long lost friends. For all you know,

Wedding Nail Art

Source: seasonails.com

What Is Party Nail

Interesting question it is. Well, a party nail is acquired whenever you pick a solid colour for eight of your fingers, and a unique “party” colour for a single finger on each hand.

The trick is you are to use the same nail colour on both your ring fingers, or else it will look out of place.

Unique Nail Ideas

Source: urbandarling.com

However, couple of interesting variations have come up in party nails which you would love. Here we go sharing the delight of party nails at home.

1. Two Tone Party Nails

As the name suggests, you need to pick two nail colours and get them applied on your nails in an expert manner so that there are no gaps whatsoever.

Two Colour Nail Art

Source: alyceparis.com

2. Yellow Ombre Manicure

See the mellow yellow fading at the nail tip blending into white as you go towards the nail base.

Yellow White Nail Designs

Source: alyceparis.com

3. Rainbow Glitter

Tell me which girl would shy away from this rocking rainbow glitter nail art. Some party nail ideas are so much filled with energy and colour, and rainbow glitter happens to be one of them.

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Glitter Nails Design

Source: blogspot.com

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Polka Dot Nail Design

Source: fingernailpolishdesign.com

6. Naughty Neon Nails

Neon Nails are wonderful for nail art home parties and gatherings. With this easy party nail art you can dazzle the world easily.


Neon Nail Art Ideas

Source: wordpress.com

7. Bold Is The Nude

Just like you invest in nude makeup, do the same with your nails. Wearing nude nails design is not only easy party nail art, but can be safely adopted as nail art for wedding party.

Wedding Party Nail Art

Source: blogspot.com

8. Mint Nails

Feel mint-fresh excitement on your delicate nails as you wear it in the form of party nail ideas.

Mint Nail Ideas

Source: sonailicious.com


9. Blue And White Mani Look

For once you will feel nice looking blue as you wear blue and white combo as party nail art at home.

Blue Nail Art Designs

Source: alyceparis.com

10. Bow-Tie Manicure

Love the bow tie on him? Even you can go for it in the form of party nail design.

Bow Tie Party Nail Art

Source: pinterest.com

11. Glow In The Dark Nails

Is it downright spooky or is it partylicious fun? Bask in this glow when it comes to party nail ideas that is almost enough to grab the eyeballs in your party circle.

Glow in Dark Party Nail Art

Source: wheretoget.it

12. Bright Dots Party Nails

Look bright in the season of spring with these party nail designs that stand out instantly with their bright dots.

Bright Dots Party Nails

Source: alyceparis.com

13. Confetti Glitter Mani

Pastel polish that’s speckled with matte glitter pieces is what makes party nail art designs such fun.

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Glitter Manicure Party Nail Art

Source: googleusercontent.com

Hope you have got reasonably charged by seeing the party nail art. Let us know which of them you are planning to adopt and paint on yours.

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