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Trendy Long Nail Designs You Would Love To Flaunt

by Fashionlady
Long Nail Designs

Long Nail Designs

Yeah, some of you long for long hair whereas others have a fascination for shorter crop. Some of you have a longing for long skirts while some have short mid thigh skirts on their mind. Seems like the tussle between long and short in life is never ending, but you know what it still has its element of charm. So when you are in a mood to sport long nail designs, then you are on the right track.

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Nail Art Designs For Long Nails

Principally, long nail art designs are absolutely perfect and dedicated for special events. In fact, nail art designs for long nails have the substance in them to complement your evening costumes in a glamorous way. Whether it is classic black and white nails or different colored nail polishes, long nail designs have a certain magnetic charm about them.

Whenever you choose to opt for longer nails, it’s better if you have them as fake nails, whether it is acrylic or silk wrap. All you will have to do is visit a nail specialist at your local salon or parlour.

Anyhow, let us check out what makes easy nail art designs for long nails tick. The pictures shown below would surely inspire you to pick long nail designs for beginners to your choice and occasion. Happy selecting haute long nail designs.

1. Try the below long nail design and flaunt your love for animals and glitter!

Nail Art Designs For Long Nails

Source: youngnails08.co.nz

2. Paint your long nails with a bright nail polish as the base and add some swirls to it with a golden nail polish to get a perfect nail design for your long nails.

Nail Designs for Long Nails

Source: fashiontrendspk.com

3. If you have long nails and wish to show off the current nail trends to your friends then you have to try the stiletto nail style. Paint those long beautiful nails in nude color and make then shine by adding crystals or rhinestones!

Nail Art for Long Nails

Source: pinterest.com

4. Try this simple pink and white combination for cute long nail designs.

Pink and White Long Nail Ideas

Source: jrmk.net

5. Show your creativity to the world with those long acrylic nail designs. Use two or three different nail paints and let those swirls come to life on your long nails!

Water Marble Nail Art

Source: taticflickr.com

6. A very steady hand and a lot of patience will help you in achieving this nail art for your long nails. You can pick these embellishments from a nail art store.

Rose Pearl Nail Art

Source: newnaildesigns.com

8. Whatever the season is, our love for polka never goes away right! Let your long nails stay in fashion by flashing those cute polka designs which are the perfect nail art for long fingers. You can try different color combinations.

Pink and White Polka Dot Nails

Source: blogspot.com

9. To get the below long acrylic nail design, you can take the help of a nail artist. Let the artist turn your long nails into a beautiful canvas painting.

Floral Nail Art Designs

Source: trusper.net

10. A great way to grab attention is to try out a long nail design where the design just covers half your nail from the tip. A very stylish and sophisticated look!

Unique Long Nail Designs

Source: bloote.com

11. For people who believe in simplicity, try this simple nail art for your long nails. Get a dark shade and a light shade of the same color. First apply the lighter shade as a base and once it is dry, add a splash of the darker shade.

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Blue and Black Nail Art for Long Nails

Source: newnaildesign.com

12. Using rhinestones and crystals are one of the best nail designs for long nails as you can easily add them to any of the nail colors. Try these and shine at your parties!

Easy Nail Art Ideas

Source: blogspot.com

Celebs And Their Long Nails

While some men find long nails hot, and some a put off, our Bollywood actresses have a fascination for long nail designs. Let us scan through the B-town divas who have a craving for long claws.

1. Kareena Kapoor

Whether it is red, golden or French Manicured, Bebo knows how to carry her long nails in style. Maybe Saif likes it, that’s why. Anyhow, we are not complaining.

Kareena Kapoor nails

Source: idiva.com

2. Zarine Khan

She knows how to carry off things in style, but her manicured hands seriously need some attention. Maybe she needs to devote time on how to grow her long nails.

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Zarine Khan nails

Source: zeenews.india.com

3. Sherlyn Chopra

Ooh…these long nail art designs on Sherlyn could well inspire a horror film. Maybe it’s one of her tactics to keep bad guys at bay.

Sherlyn Chopra nails

Source: tellmeboss.com

4. Karishma Kapoor

Don’t you think Lolo is looking hotness personified? Her hair style, her sense of dressing, her finger rings, and handbag, and last but not the least her long nails put her in the fashion map.

Karishma Kapoor nails

Source: forum.lovielimes.com

5. Priyanka Chopra

Looks like it is the year of Piggy Chops. From Quantico, to Baywatch, and the announcement of Padmashri 2016 to be awarded to her, Priyanka is all over the news. What’s also making her the centre of attention is her cool-looking black nail art screaming from her long nails.

Priyanka Chopra nails

Source: idiva.com


6. Bipasha Basu

The Bengali bombshell is not all over the newsprint because of her relationship with Karan Singh Grover but also her long and stylish nails.

Bipasha Basu nails

Source: idiva.com

7. Sonakshi Sinha

Don’t you think our ‘asli sona’ is trying a bit too hard in showing off her long and sexy looking nails? Okay, we will allow that.

Sonakshi Sinha nails

Source: indiatimes.in

8. Malaika Arora Khan

The Chaiya Chaiya girl always knows how to keep her long nails in style. She simply looks adorable in these white painted long nails, which is a good expression of nail art designs for long nails.

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Malaika Arora Khan nails

Source: buzzfed.com

9. Rani Mukherji

Now that she is Mrs. Chopra and a proud mother as well, she is still very much in the news for her long nude nails. Just confirms that she is the lover of long nail art designs.

Rani Mukherji nails

Source: lovielimes.com

Now that your nails will look great in no time with nail art designs for long nails, start painting them creatively and have a blast!

Drop us a line and tell us the long nail art designs that you wish to wear for your office or party occasions.

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