Dazzling Chunky Frosty Nail Art For You To Flaunt At Parties


Frosty Nail Art

The party isn’t over, not until you have tried these frosty nail art chunky vivacious designs for nail art that you can dress the nails in and impress the party goers with. So, if you are ready to reinvent the party scene and would like to be away from the run of the mill PYT attendants, here are a couple of frosty nail art chunky numbers to wear. Remember, we love your thoughts, views, opinions and suggestions, so if you do have ideas or DIY frosty nail art designs of your own to share, drop in a line or leave behind a comment.


Frosty Nail Art Designs

Blue & Silver Nail Art

Play with blue and silver, chunking it up for the party times that last all January and through the month of romance – February too. The design is simple but has a tantalizing effect on the onlookers around. Think about this nail art as a sure shot way to show your playful side to your bestie or BF!

Frosty Nails

SnowFlakes Nail Art

If you feel a little too worn out because the holidays are over, here is a chunky Christmas frosty nail art design to use. Snowflakes, drops and streams of snow, royal blues to matte blues and whites along the way – makes for a fun frosty nail design to flaunt, doesn’t it?


SnowFlakes Nail Art

Snowfall & Snowman

Frosty is always a favorite and has been the ideal snowman most PYTs would love having as a buddy. Keeping that in mind, here is another beautiful frosty nail art design that is worthy to be worn, adored and flaunted at various social dos and gatherings.

Frosty The Snowman Nails

Cute Snowman During A Snowfall

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A cute and a very minimal way to flaunt frosty even while partying with the college blokes and girls would be to have Frosty sit pretty on one nail, while the other nine are adorned with snowflakes. Seek inspiration on the same from here.

Grey, Black & Red Nail Art

Frosty Nail Art

You may need a specialist with this one, but if you can afford one or DIY this design, nothing like it calls for more attention and cute glam. A close-up picture of Frosty on one nail, while other nails are adorned basic, so chic we tell you!

Frosty Nail Art

Easy Snowman

Let the world know off your moods, wearing Frosty on one nail and snowflakes or dripping snow balls on the other. You could play around with the base color, maybe greens or olives, yellows or reds; just use your imagination and creativity when doing so.

Easy Snowman Nail Arts

Pink Nail Art

Are you an ardent fan of the colour PINK? If the answer is a YES, you then could try out the light pink frosty touches and come up with your own frosty nail art designs too. Grab a theme and get working on it right away.

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Pink Nail Art


DIY Snowman Nail Art

If you would like to have a quick glance on how to create your own Frosty the snowman nail art, you should check the very easy to do DIY tutorial right here.

DIY Snowman Nail Art

Sparkly Frosty Nail Art

Says who the Christmas fever has left us all? When you can manage a shade or two now and then, you should dress those nails with frosty nail art – bring back Christmas anytime any day!

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Sparkly Frosty Nail Art

Twisted Snowman

Frosty goes the monotone fashion way, and this time one per nail. So if you want a wave of compliments falling through, you could try this nail art for the fresher’s party at college when the newbie’s come in!

Twisted Snowman Nail Art

Mr. Frosty

Keep a positive outlook always, and click away your fingers at every given moment when you can. Frosty shows you how to flaunt your pizzazz and that too with loads of attitude and style.

Frosty Nail Art for Winter

Professional Nail Art

Frosty seems to have a pet- Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and his buddy. Let them be together while you party on with full gusto. Try this amazing frosty nails design.

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Professional Nail Art

So how did you like our collection of cute and chunky yet playful frosty the snowman nails? As requested earlier, if you have your own nail art or Frosty The Snowman Nails to showcase, do write in!

Images Source: pinterest.com